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Do you want results from your Content Marketing program? Of course you do, at Etched Marketing, we work with companies that demand a ROI for their efforts. They understand (or learn) that the best way to generate that ROI is through high quality content strategies and copy. Our journalistic approach to content strategy and copy development drives results.  We’re not a .02 cents per word, off-shore copy house but rather a Content Marketing Agency that prides itself on creating high quality content that our clients’ customers interact with and act upon.

The team at Etched has worked to provide us outstanding content strategy and executed upon that strategy by producing well written blog posts. Each post was targeted to the right audience, researched, and optimized expertly. I worked with Rachel previously and knew what she brought to the team and felt 100% confident trusting her with our clients’ success. The team at Etched are truly an extension of our team.

David Strader

Co-CEO, Epica Interactive

Working with Rachel and the team at Etched is always a pleasure. They are strategic thinkers, exceptional at execution, and always on time. I know when I turn to the team at Etched, they’ll deliver ​sound strategies and exceptional ​content.

John Iozzia

Founder, Agency Insights Consulting

Are you the ideal Etched Client? 

Did you use another agency or try to go it alone and not get the results you wanted? Do you not really know where to start? Is your Content Marketing strategy off or missing completely?

Maybe that’s why you’re here today, visiting this site. If it’s time to invest and work with a professional team that gets it and drives more revenue, you’re in the right place. If you’re willing to do your part too, you can expect great returns. Ultimate success is dependent upon your team’s execution of the strategies and content deployment at times. A two-way partnership is the ideal design for success.

Data driven strategy and expertly crafted copy go together to create Content Marketing results unlike what most marketers experience.

Who makes the ideal Etched Marketing client? 

Our ideal clients are those who value Content Marketing and believe it will work for their business. Maybe they’ve tried before and it didn’t work out but they still believe in the power of content. Our clients have varying degrees of digital and content marketing experience. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, we can help your team drive more customers to your website. If you’re willing to put in a bit of effort on your end (simple things like provide feedback on ideas and deploy the copy we write in a timely manner) and will partner with the team from Etched, you can be successful. Let us show you how good content works.

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