Are you:

Someone who wants to start a business but isn’t sure how your skills translate to the entrepreneurial journey and you want to work one on one with an expert to get started?

A savvy business owner who’s ready to move to the next level but isn’t quite sure what the best move is?

Tired of wasting time and money on ideas that might work and ready to work with an expert to craft your business or marketing strategy?

Do you find yourself frustrated ... YouTube and Google searches because you end up down a rabbit hole with no clear answers? Do you need someone to guide you and show you what to do and break it down in a step-by-step manner?

Have you ever wished ... studied marketing or thought about going back for your MBA? Do you wish you could hire a marketing director or someone to help grow your business?

It can be confusing to know what to do to grow your business to the next level. There's so much advice out there, how do you know who to trust?

How do you figure out what's going to make the most significant difference for your busi- ness?

You hire someone to help guide you through the process and show you what will work best for your situation.

Find out how can working with a business coach help you!


Marketing and Business Strategy Coaching Programs

Ready.Set.Launch – Fast Track to your business

This intensive half-day strategy session takes you from dreamer to business owner. By the end of the session you’ll know what business you’re starting, who you’re serving, what you will offer, and how you’ll make money. Come prepared to get things done. This is your fast track to entrepreneurship. You’ll leave with a business plan you can execute upon starting today.

By the end of this work session you will have identified:

  • What type of business you are going to build
  • What you want to call the business
  • Who your Ideal Customer is
  • What they want to buy from you
  • How to determine how much to charge them
  • What products or service you’ll offer
  • Which website builder to use
  • What content to include on your new website
  • How to determine your URL name
  • Which marketing channels to use to grow your business

If you want to start a business but aren’t sure how to do it and don’t have time to waste researching options then this is the program for you.

Marketing Strategy – Intensive Session

In this half-day strategy session we lay out your marketing plan together. We’ll review your Ideal Customer, product offerings, pricing, branding, digital marketing strategy and more. This is a one-on-one strategy session for business owners who are up and running but aren’t seeing the results they need from their marketing efforts and wish someone would just tell them what to do. We’ll review what you’ve done to date and create a new plan based on exactly what your business needs. Prepare to dig in and make changes that will lead to you hitting new milestones like $5,000 months or $10,000 months or more.

By the end of this session you will have:

  • Reviewed your Ideal Customer information and adjusted, if necessary
  • Reviewed your current sales performance
  • Reviewed your current website performance
  • Adjusted your strategy based on historical performance
  • Adjusted your goals based on historical performance
  • Set new goals
  • Determined if it’s time to increase your prices
  • Identified opportunities for new products or services to grow your revenue stream
  • Created an updated marketing plan to support your goals
  • Determined the marketing channels you’ll support

Personalized one-on-one Training Session

This program is customizable for the entrepreneur who has a specific question or area they need help with. We’ll work together to determine the agenda for the half-day strategy session and make sure your questions get answered.

This program is 100% customizable. If you have a specific are you want to focus on we will develop the agenda to suit your needs.

Topics can include:

  • Business launch
  • SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Blog topics
  • Marketing plan creation
  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnel strategy
  • And more

3-month Small Group Business Building Program –

Business Building Boutique

This program is perfect if you want to learn how to start a small business with step-by-step guidance and accountability. You’ll walk through the Business Builder’s Blueprint program within a virtual small group setting. Each week we’ll have a discussion on the topic and a Q&A session that’s just for Boutique members. You will also receive access to the full Business Builder’s Blueprint program, PDFs, and guides, group Q&A sessions. Business Builder’s Boutique members also enjoy accountability groups, private small group Q&A sessions with Rachel for Boutique members only, and private small group feedback sessions to review your business and marketing plans. Membership in the Business Builder’s Boutique is designed to help you go through the class and complete the materials in a timely manner thanks to the extra accountability and guidance the program offers.

Step-by-step business building program:

  • Different types of businesses you can build
  • How do decide what works best for you
  • How to set up a legal entity
  • How to choose your business name
  • How to set up your business finances
  • How to identify your Ideal Customer
  • Determining what you’ll sell
  • Pricing yourself right
  • Expanding your products and services so that you make more money
  • Creating a lead magnet that catches attention and generates leads
  • Turning leads into paying customers
  • How to build a marketing plan
  • Types of marketing you can use
  • Building your website
  • Starting your social media
  • Growing your business

If you know you’re ready to start your business but you’re not sure what to do then join me in the Business Builder’s Boutique and let’s work together with other new entrepreneurs to grow your businesses. The group is limited to 10 members.

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Schedule a consultation to find out where you can take your business next. Due to the nature of this program and work, I limit the number of one-on-one clients I take at a time.