What’s Happening in SEO, Social, and Content Marketing 

Friday Finds: May 12, 2017 

Content Marketing:

  • Apply Agile Marketing theories to content ideation to drive better ideas and consistency among your team. Design a user story to help your team succeed. Read more.
  • Learn what it costs to engage in a content marketing program. What do agencies charge for standard items? Read more.
  • Is hiring an in-house team or agency partner the more cost effective option for your content marketing program?  Read more.

Social Media:

  • Today’s social media: stories not the newsfeed. Choosing the right channel no longer has the same impact it once did on your success. Read more.
  • 6 fantastic Facebook advertising strategies. You need to try these now.  Read more.


  • Is site relevancy or authority more important in link building? See why some say relevance is key. Read more.
  • How to weather the storm that is a Google algorithm update. Learn how to spot the trends and how to benefit from the update. Read more.
  • Local Search moves to the big time with the Yext IPO. Companies are expected to spend $19 billion per year on local listings management by 2020. Read More.
  • It’s time to move to HTTPS if you haven’t yet. Google Chrome will start, “not secure” warnings later this year on HTTP pages. Read more.

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