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Content Strategy

At Etched Marketing we believe the best way to be successful is to really know our clients and their competition. We take a journalistic approach, we start by digging so we can fully understand the story that needs to be told. Tools such as a Content Audit (what is or isn’t working for your brand, from a content perspective) and our Competitive Content Research Analysis (what are you doing, what are they doing – what can you do differently to have a competitive advantage, what do you need to do just to catch up?) help lay the foundational messaging for any content program. It helps us answer fundamental questions and better understand your consumer.

Understand the Audience

The next step is to really understand who we’re trying to reach. By Analyzing your Audience and creating Customer Personas, we’re able to better target our messaging and delivery process. Stakeholder Interviews are another important part of the process, we learn more about both internal or external needs through this part of the process.

Create Great Content

We are wordsmiths for the digital age. We thrive on great content and pride ourselves on delivering copy that’s on brand and resonates with your customer. We believe content development is one of the most critical pieces to any content marketing program and as such, we take no short cuts. All of our Copy Writing is done by our team, we do not off-shore anything. After many years in this business, we’re tired of seeing less than amazing copy out there too. We believe it’s up to us to push others to write better copy too. Our team can provide Website Copy, Blog Posts, SEO elements such as Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, and more.

Map out a Plan

Once we know what messages we need and who we want to target, we get to work and craft our Strategic Content Marketing Plan. We’ll discuss content topics, an appropriate content mix, images, tie-ins, potential influencers to partner with, and more. Finally, we’ll lay it all out in an easy to follow Content Calendar that we’ll share with you.We believe in working together to determine what content mix is right for your business.

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