Etched Marketing’s SEO services for Content Marketing are geared to help ensure your content is found easily by the Search Engines.¬†You likely know what keywords you’re targeting in Google but are you and Google speaking the same language? Does Google understand what you’re targeting based on the information on your site? If you’re not sure, that’s OK. Etched Marketing can help.

Our on-page SEO services are a three step-process.

  1. Choose the pages to optimize and review with you.
  2. Review the approved pages and determine the best keywords to target for your audience and business goals.
  3. Create the recommended page title, meta description, header tag and on-page content if applicable.

Etched Marketing’s SEO for Content Marketing team has expansive industry knowledge and background and can help you better target the appropriate keywords for your website. We’re familiar with the Google updates and understand the difference between Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird and can help you navigate Google’s changes and improve how you’re ranking for the terms that mean the most to you. We can also help you uncover new areas of opportunity and growth potential for your business.

If we suspect technical or indexation issues that will limit your site’s ability to be indexed, we can refer you to technical SEO experts to ensure the site is Search Engine friendly.

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