Social Media Marketing is a critical element to a successful Content Marketing program. Social Media is one of the most important distribution tactics for any content that’s created. It’s important to understand the different channels and how to approach content that’s specific to them.

While it’s important to be social, it’s even more important to be active and engaged and providing really useful content for your fans and followers. Your audience is on Social Media today, whether you are or not. It’s up to you to join the conversation and be part of what’s happening.

Beyond just being on Social Media, you need to provide the right message, on the right channel. Knowing what the right mix is of promotional vs lifestyle content for your audience or how many photos you should include on a page or post can help.

It’s also important to know if you should include videos (yes, you should), infographics (probably), eBooks (it depends on your market) or something completely different in your Social Media Marketing program. It’s not about Social Media all on its own, it’s about using Social Media to support your overall Content Marketing efforts. At Etched Marketing, we understand how Social Media should be used to support your Content Marketing program and we can help you.

We’ll help you determine the right social media channels for your business. Your customers might not be on Facebook (unlikely but possible) or Twitter. Maybe they’re more active on LinkedIn or Medium. We’ll do the research to find out and craft a strategy that’s unique to your business to help you reach your audience and drive better results. If you want to learn more about social media marketing, contact us today.

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