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Connecting with Your Customers Where They Spend Time Online

Social Media is all about connecting with your audience, where they spend their time. And the truth is, they do not spend much time on your website or blog. That is why it is essential we discover where they spend their time and interact with them on those channels.

There are lots of social channels; your brand does not have to be on every one. It is important to be strategic and choose the channels that provide the best ROI for your business. We will work with you to identify the channels where your audience spends time and those where potential new customers might be.

Another thing to remember about social media is that your customer’s motivation when they are spending time on social media is not to engage with your brand. They are there to catch up with friends or family, to be entertained, to escape for a few minutes.

If you are going to use social media for business, you need to keep your customer and their needs and wants top of mind at all times or it will not work. You have to be active and engaged and provide great content for your fans and followers if you want to succeed.

We leverage Social Media in several ways at Etched Marketing. We use it to help connect our clients with their fans. We use it to help spread the messages our clients are trying to share with their customers. We use it to help introduce new customers to our clients’ brands and businesses.

Our Services Include:

Social Media Strategy

Our team works to identify where your clients are spending their time online and identifies the channels that your business should support. We use insights from the Competitive Content Report, Content Strategy, Consumer Terminology Study, and Audience Analysis research to determine the right strategy for your business. Recommendations will include channels, messages, posting formats, posting frequency, and management for your business.

Social Media Community Management

If you need help growing and managing your social channels, the team at Etched Marketing can do it for you. We post daily updates, respond to consumer inquiries, and handle the day-to-day operation of your social channels.

Paid Social Media - Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads

If you are ready to try Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads for your business the team at Etched Marketing can manage the entire process for you. If you already have an account we will audit it for past performance and ensure it is set up according to best practices. We will craft ads, manage the budgets and testing schedule, and provide timely reporting so you know what is working.

To learn more about our Social Media Marketing services, please contact us today. We would be happy to create a customized, comprehensive marketing plan for your business.

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