Content Marketing Drives 3X More Leads Than Paid Search

200 Million People use Ad Blockers. Content isn't Blocked.

27 Million Pieces of Content are Shared Daily. Is Yours?

77% of Marketers Plan to Expand Content Next Year. Will You Keep up or be Left Behind?

Driving Results


Content Research & Strategy

The critical foundation of any successful content marketing program is the research and strategy formation. We take the time to understand your audience, their needs, your content offerings, and the competition in order to craft a strategy that will drive results for your business.


Copy Development

Once the strategy is laid out, copy development is the next step. The team at Etched will ensure the goals set forth in the content strategy are met through blog and website copy. We drive your business through content.


Distribution & Amplification

Unlocking the mystery of when and where to share your content is a part of the overall strategic content marketing approach. The team at Etched will distribute and amplify your content where your customers live online.

Measurement & ROI

The critical last step of our process. We review and determine what worked and what didn’t so we can adjust the strategy for next time. We review the ROI so you can prove the effectiveness of your content marketing program.

Why Content Marketing?

Content Marketing drives brand awareness, leads, traffic, and revenue for companies every day. Dollar for dollar, content marketing generates 3X the leads of traditional marketing channels. It provides a 6X website conversion and costs 62% less than traditional channels. Content Marketing can absolutely drive leads and sales for your company.

Why do companies struggle?

The missing key for many who struggle is a lack of a documented content strategy and not enough investment. Only 35% of companies have a documented content strategy. Interestingly, 35% of companies rate their content marketing efforts as very successful. Is there a correlation? You decide.

How much should you invest in your content marketing program? 

On average, companies invest 32% of their total marketing budget in content. Those who rate themselves as most effective budget 37% and those who are least effective only budget 16%.

Content marketing works when you invest time and appropriate budget.

Are you ready to drive your business through content marketing? We’re here to help.

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Of marketers say content drives brand awareness.


of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading about it.


of consumers are likely to buy from a company that produces custom content.


of consumers feel positive about a company after reading custom content.

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