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A good, well thought out, data-driven content strategy is the key to content marketing success. Yet, only 40% of companies have a documented content marketing strategy. Of those who consider themselves the most successful, 63% have documented their strategy. There’s a big difference in those two numbers. Documenting your strategy is a key to success.

Content Marketing Strategy Questions:

  • Does your business have a documented content marketing strategy?
  • Do you know who your audience is?
  • How many personas are you targeting?
  • Have you identified the steps within your sales funnel and determined what content you need in each stage?
  • Do you adjust your strategy as necessary?
  • What questions does your audience have?
  • Which content form is the best to reach your audience?
  • Where do they spend their time online?

Companies that see great results are those that invest in content marketing, document their strategy, and publish consistently. Content Strategy itself (lack of strategy or issues with adjusting when necessary) was the biggest factor for stagnant success year-over-year according to the Content Marketing Institute. 49% said lack of strategy or trouble developing/adjusting strategy caused issues for them. If you’re struggling with your content marketing efforts, we can help.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a winning content marketing strategy. It’s an involved process but is the foundation of your content marketing program and directly impacts your success.




of least successful content marketers have a documented content strategy


of content marketers have a documented content strategy


of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy

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Content Marketing Strategy Packages 

What Does Content Marketing Strategy Research Entail?

  • Audience Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive Content Review
  • Content Sales Matrix (mapping content to sales funnel stages)
  • SEO and Content Keyword Target List

Let’s Create My Content Strategy Plan 


Documenting Your Content Strategy 

Have some or all of the research pieces? Great. Let’s get it documented and make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Targeted Personas
  • Sales Funnel Map
  • Documented Content Strategy Plan
  • Content Distribution Plan

Let’s Document My Content Strategy Plan 


It's time to document your content marketing strategy.

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