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Marketing is the Foundation for Business Success

Ideal Customer Targeting

Goal Setting

Marketing Plan Creation

Performance Reporting

Are you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by doing it on your own?
  • Not sure where to focus to make things happen?
  • Trying to figure out how to get started?
  • Looking for specific steps & training, not general topic coverage?
  • Tired of the “noise” but not sure who to listen to?
  • Battling “object syndrome” or dealing with a case of “FOMO”
  • Not ready to hire a full-time marketing person?
  • Concerned about hiring the wrong marketing consultant or coach?

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can get the clarity you need to grow your business and achieve your dreams. Marketing Foundation is designed to build your business on a solid foundation so that it can grow and work for you.

Hi! I’m Rachel, and I’m a marketing professional, and I’ve taught hundreds of small business owners how to create a marketing plan that helps them transform leads into a sale. In this program, you’ll learn the specific steps you need to take to set goals and achieve them. We’re not just talking about marketing theories and ideas; we’re getting to work and getting things done. I’ve worked with clients with 7 figure businesses and 5 figure businesses both. I know what works for the big brands and you know what, it works for small businesses too.

Are you ready to:

  • Set goals and put a plan in place that lets you work on them.
  • Lay out a marketing strategy that can be used all year.
  • Learn how to tie content to sales.
  • Create a Marketing Plan for one quarter that you can use again and again.
  • Figure out which Social Media channel to focus on.
  • Build a content calendar.
  • Learn how to batch your content.
  • Find out how to be more authentic online.
  • Learn how to partner with influencers.
  • Learn how to plan your time & create systems that let you “work” online while you’re working somewhere else?
  • Understand SEO and do it on your site.
  • Learn Google Analytics.

Then you need the Marketing: Foundation for Success course. This class was designed for you. In this class, you will develop your marketing strategy so that you can build your business on the right foundation and succeed. No more feeling like a failure or not being sure where to focus next. No more struggles with trying to figure it all out on your own. No more hours lost to Google searches & YouTube videos. The Marketing Foundation for Success course walks you through everything you need to do in a step-by-step process. In this class, you will learn how to design a marketing strategy, set goals, create your marketing calendar, and you will know that you’ve done it right because we’re going to start at the beginning and cover it together. This is the same work that I charge clients $20,000 or more to do for them. I’m going to teach you how to do it for yourself. This is the first time I’ve offered a Marketing: Foundation for Success course online and in a small-group coaching format. I hope you’ll join us and set your business up for success.

"I am so thankful for Rachel’s help. She helped me lay out a marketing strategy for the year. I was feeling overwhelmed doing it on my own and wasn’t doing it very efficiently. I was impressed at how knowledgeable she was about my industry. We talked about my goals and put a plan in place that I can use throughout the year. I never have to wonder what I’m doing next because it’s all planned out. That has given me more time to work on other aspects of growing my business. I wish I would’ve reached out to her sooner! I have recommended Rachel to several others based on the awesome experience I had."

Jessica Sisson - This Organized Life

Are you ready to get started?

This first Marketing Foundation for Success class will be live. Each week we will have a new lesson that covers what you need to learn to create your marketing plan. Most of the lessons build upon the previous week’s teaching, so it’s important to complete the work during the week. We’ll have a video training session once a week to go through the new materials and every other week I’ll host a Q&A meeting for you, so you can make sure your questions are answered, and you are set up for success.

What will you learn in Creating Your Marketing Foundation?

  • Audience Analysis (who is your ideal customer?)
  • Audience Research (where do they spend their time?)
  • Marketing Elevator Pitch development (what do you do, who do you help?)
  • Goal Setting (what are you working towards?)
  • Promotional Calendar Development (what sales will you have?)
  • Marketing Plan Development (When & How will you market your business?)
  • Content Strategy (What content will you create?)
  • Content Distribution (Where will you share your content?)
  • Content Batching Best Practices (How do you make the process go faster?)
  • Product Development (What else can you sell?)
  • Pricing (Can you charge more?)
  • Competitive Research (What’s the competition doing in different areas?)
  • Marketing Analytics (What’s working; what isn’t?)
  • Search Engine Optimization (How to get found in Google)
  • Social Media Marketing (Which Social Media channels should you focus on?)
  • Facebook Ads (Should you use them? When? How much should you spend?)
  • Reporting Best Practices (What should you track in Google Analytics? Should you use another program too?)
  • Your Questions (What questions do you need to be answered? Bring them!)

Throughout 11 weeks, we will cover everything you need to get your business set to make 2019 your most profitable year yet.

Join Marketing Foundation for Success Now.

Are you someone who works best with an accountability partner?

You can take the Marketing Foundation for Success program to the next level and go VIP by joining our small group coaching group too. You’ll get everything in the standard Marketing Foundation for Success program PLUS two small private group calls each month to dig into your business, your goals, challenges, and questions. The group is limited to 10 people so everyone will have a chance to get their questions answered. You also get email access to Rachel throughout the 11-week course.

You may also get random emails directly from me when inspiration strikes.

If you’re ready to get serious and figure things out then join me in Marketing: Foundation for Success and make your dreams a reality.

Join Marketing Foundation for Success & be in the small group. Enroll now.

Who is Marketing Foundation for Success not ideal for?

  • This course isn’t for folks who would rather go it alone. If you prefer to read blog posts, watch YouTube videos, and spend hours researching topics related to marketing and business development, then you may not enjoy the clear, step-by-step instructions in this course.
  • If you want to build your business 100% with Facebook Ads, Google AdSense clicks or Affiliate Marketing then this course isn’t going to teach what you’re searching for. We touch on some of the topics, but this course teaches marketing as a whole, not one tactic.
  • If you’re going to sign up but not do the work, you won’t get the results, and you’ll be frustrated, and you might want your money back, and I don’t do that unless you do the work first and show me so we can figure out why it’s not working for you.
  • If you’re pretty sure you already know everything you need to market & grow your business, then you’re not going to find the class helpful. It’s = for those who want to learn, improve, and achieve.

Who is Marketing Foundation for Success designed for?

  • Small Business owners who are tired of feeling overwhelmed trying to do it all on your own. This training course will break it all down for you and show you step-by-step what you need to do to grow your business.
  • Entrepreneurs who are not sure where to focus or what to do next to get results. You’ll learn how to review options and make decisions that keep you focused on your goals so that you get results.
  • Folks who are tired of struggling with Shiny Object Syndrome. Ever read a blog post from someone who did well on Pinterest and immediately start pinning? Did it get results? You’re going to learn how to review the information you receive and decide if you focus on it now or not.
  • Those who want to break the FOMO pattern but don’t know how. You don’t have to live in Fear of Missing Out if you know how to review opportunities and performance. If you’re tired of making decisions because you’re afraid you might miss out on something, you’ll learn how to make decisions strategically instead so you can leave FOMO behind.
  • Someone who needs a step-by-step system they can use to run their business. If you want to learn how to create a quarterly marketing plan that you can update and reuse year after year, then you’re going to love Marketing: Foundation for Success.
  • Now is the time to make a change and learn how to market your business from a professional marketer. I’ve been in marketing for almost 20 years (I hate admitting that because it ages me). I’ve worked for Franchise Organizations, Non-Profit, Ad Agencies, Special Events, and now on my own. I’ve got a BA in Broadcast Journalism and an MBA in Marketing. The combination of my education and experience will help you. I’ve taught this type of course for years to both small business owners and large corporations. Past clients of mine include The North Face, Burt’s Bees, Steve Madden, Urban Decay, Kirkland’s Home, Service Master Clean & Restore, UPS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many more. Today, I focus on helping small and medium businesses grow.

    If you still have questions about whether or not this class is right for you, please email me and let’s talk about it. I don’t want you to take a course if it’s not going to help, but I also don’t want you to miss out on something that’s going to be the difference you need to make everything you dream of today happen.

    Are you ready to join Marketing: Foundation for Success?

What you get in this course:

Step-by-step Training

Learn how to identify your Ideal Customer, price your products, set goals, market your business, and track your performance so you can eliminate the overwhelm and confusion of trying to do it all yourself.

Templates and Swipe Files for Every Step of the Way

If there’s a template, workbook, or file you need to get the work done, it’s included. No extras, no time wasted trying to figure out someone’s vague notes. This course goes step-by-step and provides everything you need to create your marketing plan.

Community and Support

You’re not in this alone. Other Small Business Owners are in the group and want to help you meet your goals too. Ask questions, join us for the Facebook Live Q&A sessions and get your questions answered so you can move on to the next task.

A Marketing Expert to Guide You Through the Process

This course is led by Rachel Lindteigen a career marketing professional with nearly 20 years experience in online & offline marketing both. She will teach you how to tie everything together so that your business works for you. You don’t have to try to figure this all out on your own.

Program Bonuses to Get Things Done Easy and Quick

  • Private Facebook Group for students with dedicated Q&A time to ensure you don’t get stuck
  • Monthly Promotion, Event, and Content Workbook for all of 2019
  • Keyword Research Secrets for Google
  • YouTube Optimization Best Practices
  • Pinterest Optimization Best Practices

Course Purchase includes:

11 week live step-by-step training program

2 Live Q&A sessions each month

Workbooks for:

    Ideal Customer Identification & Refinement

    Goal Setting


    Monthly Promotions, Events, and Content Planning for all of 2019!

    Reporting Templates

Training and guidance from a marketing expert to help you get things done faster and break it all down so that it’s easier for you


One-time Payment


Save 20% vs monthly


4 easy payments of

$299 / month

($1196 total)


VIP Purchase includes:

Everything in original course PLUS:

    Email access to Rachel for the first 90 days.

    Two small group coaching video calls per month.

    Limited to 10 people to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get their questions answered.

Pay in full bonus: a 20 minute Strategy Session with Rachel to go through your plan and ask any questions that you have.


One-time Payment


Save 20% vs monthly


3 easy payments of

$749 / month

($2247 total)


Want to Know More About What’s Included in the Marketing Foundation for Success Course? Download a copy of the course syllabus now and find out for yourself.