Do you want potential buyers and sellers to find you when they’re searching online?


It is possible and the fastest way to get there there is


Your content + Google visibility (which equals SEO)


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Maybe you’ve tried SEO before and it just didn't work.

Maybe you’re afraid of wasting more time on getting it wrong.

Maybe you hear the word SEO and folding the laundry suddenly becomes VERY IMPORTANT.

Let me help!

In less than ONE HOUR, I will show you the ONE THING to do to your website homepage to make it easier for potential Buyers or Sellers to find you.


Would you like to sell more homes without cold calling or door knocking and other outdated marketing tactics?

It’s possible to build your business digitally and let leads come to you.

Because here’s the thing. If you’re truly in this for the long-term - this is a business, not a hobby or a long-term side hustle - then you need YOUR website (not your broker's website) to work for you for years to come.

And this is where SEO shines. If you put in the effort now, your website can generate leads and income for you and your business for the foreseeable future.


It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a powerful one.

And I can speak from experience. By implementing the one tool I teach in this workshop, I have seen my traffic grow by 2000% over the past three years while generating 200% more leads.


And it keeps growing!


Website Traffic Increase

How would your Real Estate business change if your site traffic increased like that every year?


What if you had potential buyers and sellers finding you on Google easily every month?


Would you sleep better at night, knowing your website was working for you, instead of you working for it?


Suddenly, SEO is feeling a bit exciting and very necessary, doesn’t it?


But, Rachel, I can hear you saying, I tried implementing SEO in the past and it was HARD. It was confusing. And it didn’t work.


I get it! SEO is HARD and not fun to learn on your own.


It’s a whole lotta YouTube videos with terms you have to Google and then there’s a very good chance you may not get it right, which means you just wasted a bunch of time you could have spent actually working on your business.


But, what if it could be different?


What if SEO was easy, with a tried-and-true professional walking you through every step of the process, teaching you how to tweak your home page so it turns into a lead generating machine?


It’s the difference between a seller hiring a Real Estate pro vs going the FSBO route. Yes, they save money but what to do they give up in return? Too much.

This is where I come in. I’m the SEO expert you need.


My super-strength is making SEO easy to understand and implement. And I want to do it for you.


In my one hour workshop, you will learn my simple, three-step SEO framework that will make your website Google-friendly so you can easily get found.

You’ll learn:

How to brainstorm keywords that drive potential leads to your website

How to choose the one keyword your website's homepage will rank for (and how to know with complete confidence it’s the right one!)

The one thing you MUST do to your homepage so Google will WANT to get it in front of people (this is how you start to rank on Page 1.)


I'm so glad we worked on my 4 content pillars together. In real estate, it's very easy to generalize our target market - "Sellers" & "Buyers" - but once I focused my social media & SEO on more specific topics that fit my specialization, I immediately saw a difference in engagement. In fact, as soon as I implemented one of my pillars, it resulted in 2 appointments!

Or you can keep doing what you’re doing.

You can keep avoiding learning SEO and then feel guilty six months from now when you check your analytics and see your traffic hasn’t changed.

You can keep making Reels non-stop with your fingers crossed they don’t change the algorithm again.

You can stay on the social media hamster wheel, creating content in the hopes your followers occasionally will see a post and take action.

You can hope the Internet fairy sends you leads who are ready to buy, not lookie-loos.

You can keep putting things out there and hope they work.

Or you can spend one hour learning tangible information you can implement right away that will grow your business for years to come.

Because here’s the thing.

Google can’t understand what your website is about without a little bit of extra help from us. And that’s where SEO comes in. We help Google understand what your website is about and then… boom.

Imagine what it would be like if:


Your home page ranked on Page 1 and people could find you easily when they were ready to buy or sell a home?


New customers called saying, “I found you on Google!”


Your business grew on its own without your constant attention


You had the time to work on your business (doing what you love!) instead of worrying about leads and traffic


You could sell a lot more homes without cold calling, door knocking or FSBO chasing.

It sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?


Lucky for you, I’ve got your solution.

The Real Estate SEO Quick Start class is a quick & easy training (under an hour!) that will teach you how to get your business found on Google.

Special Offer

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Now Only $47

You’ll learn:

How to avoid choosing keywords that land you on page 5 of Google (I mean have you ever scrolled past the second page?)

How to make sure your homepage is Google-friendly

How to figure out what your porential clients are searching for

Ok, I'm intrigued. What's included in my Real Estate SEO Quick Start Class?

A video training on:

How Google works (because it's easier once you understand what it needs and wants)

How to brainstorm SEO keywords and find great ones that will have your ideal customer racing to your website (where you aren’t fighting Zillow,, and others for visibility)

How to choose an SEO keyword that will get you on Page 1 and turn your website into a traffic-generating machine

How to make your website Google-friendly so they WANT to show it to your ideal customer

I’ll also include an introduction to FREE SEO tools to help with SEO brainstorming, researching, refinement, and tracking.

So once again, you get:

the Real Estate SEO Quick Start Class video

the Real Estate SEO Quick Start Guide (which includes everything you need to know to have a Google-worthy home page)

an Real Estate SEO keyword research spreadsheet (the exact template I use with all my private clients)

“All of my leads this month came from Google! It’s thanks to the SEO I learned from you!”

Diana Anghelus, Realtor

SEO is like the ideal matchmaker who connects your business with potential customers who are ready to buy or sell a home in your market. My Real Estate SEO Quick Start class will show you how to get started with SEO.

Special Offer

Single Payment of:


Now Only $47

Hi, I'm Rachel!

I get it.

You’ve put your everything into your website. And while it’s a good-looking site, it’s not actually doing much for you, which STINKS.

But, here’s the thing. It’s way easier than you think to course correct because all you're missing is one step. And it’s not more features or bells and whistles, it’s just making your site Google-friendly.

I know this because I’ve handled SEO for Fortune 500 clients for years now. And I’m going to teach you the exact same strategies I implemented for them and, guess what? THEY WORK!

I can’t say enough how much I hope you take this opportunity to move your site up in the Google rankings. It can make all the difference and I know I can help.


This is the perfect training if you don't have a ton of time or money to invest, but want to do something that will make a difference to your bottom line.


Now, this isn’t a quick fix. This is an investment in the future of your business. And while SEO takes a bit of time to implement and gain traction, once it gets going, it has momentum all its own.


“SEO Is the unstoppable train! It just keeps going and going”

a Fortune 500 client from my agency days

SEO is for serious business owners who get that a little time now can yield big results in the future.


Put another way, you can spend the next hour of your life watching another round of “Friends” reruns or you can learn how to send more traffic and leads to your business for years to come.


I mean Joey’s pretty cute, but selling more houses? Now, that’s gorgeous.

Special Offer

Single Payment of:


Now Only $47

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