3 Keys to Making Sure Buyers and Sellers find YOU not the competition

When Searching for Homes Online

Imagine if you could grow your business quicker & easier without cold calling, knocking on doors, or begging everyone you know for their business.


What if you could capture leads, nurture them automatically, and finally step in when they’re ready to write their offer?


Would you like to do ONE thing to your website that allows you to get leads on autopilot for years to come?


There are potential clients searching for homes for sale, Realtors, and more right this minute. Are they finding your website, your broker’s website, or the competition?


We want them to find you not the others and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you how to do.


Join me for this free training & learn my 3 Keys to Making Sure Buyers and Sellers find YOU and not the Competition when they’re searching online.


Join me for this free training and you will learn:


How to increase the visibility for your current website.


The absolute best free marketing channel for your business to gain visibility with your ideal client


What simple steps to take on your current website to ensure it shows up on Google and you get more leads.


There is a BIG opportunity out there. You can sell more homes without pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, or begging everyone you know for their business.

Presented by Rachel Lindteigen


I'm Rachel Lindteigen, and I'm a career digital marketer. I've worked with Fortune 500 companies and have used the strategies that I will teach you in class, to help them make millions, and now it's your turn. Join me in class, and I'll show you what to do to make more money online and start living the dream.

If you're looking for the magic bullet for your marketing rather than yet another shiny object, this is it. If you're tired of chasing shiny objects and want to do something that will truly grow your business, this training is for you. I don't believe in chasing shiny objects.

I've got 20+ years of marketing experience which tells me EXACTLY what works, and this training will start you on your path to making sure new customers find YOU and not the competition when they search on Google. 97% of homebuyers searched online in 2020. Someone is looking to buy or sell right now, my friend; are you showing up, or is your competition? That's not a risk you want to take. You need to know it's your website showing up.



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