About Rachel & Etched Marketing Academy

Rachel Lindteigen is a 20-year marketing industry professional who worked for special events, non-profits, franchise organizations, education companies, and several ad agencies before founding Etched Marketing. She holds a BA in broadcast journalism and an MBA in Marketing. She’s spoken on digital marketing and SEO at conferences worldwide and written for leading industry publications.

She’s also a mother to an elementary school-aged child. She founded Etched Marketing Academy to teach other moms how to create a business of their own that will let them create the life they want for their family while continuing the career they love. She knows first-hand how hard it is to juggle both a family and a demanding corporate career.

Rachel teaches how to build and market your new business through personal coaching, small group work, and online courses. She works with her clients and students to outline the process step-by-step, taking them from idea to business owner in charge of their schedule and income.

Some of Etched Marketing’s clients include: