About Rachel & Etched Marketing Academy

Hi! I’m Rachel.

I consider myself a word nerd. That’s a nerd who loves words, writing, thinking about writing BUT isn’t technical.

I can help you create the best SEO & content strategy for your website, so you make sure you’ve got what your customers want to read, and it’s easy for Google to find and rank, but you don’t want to ask me to build the actual website. That would be a disaster. 🤣 Full disclaimer, I didn’t build this site you’re reading right now. I did determine what content you’re reading, but someone else did all of the programming. You’re welcome.

I’ve been in marketing for nearly 20 years, and I’ve got the credentials & experience you’d expect. It started with a BA in broadcast journalism and a dream (and a realistic father, but we won’t go there yet).

I was going to be a reporter, heck; I was going to host the Today Show. Dream big, girl. Right? But then I graduated, and reality set it when the best job offer I got was $8 an hour in Nebraska. I ended up turning it down and deciding to stay in AZ, where my family was. I was offered almost double that for an entry-level marketing role soon after.

After about ten years in the industry, I went back for an MBA with a focus on Marketing, and here we are. Dang, it. My dad was right. When I was studying journalism, he required me to take marketing & public relations courses because “you’ll never support yourself as a reporter” and “you, my dear, are a born marketer.”

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work for many different organizations and in multiple roles. I’ve found that my favorite is working with smart but non-techy people who want to learn how to grow their business. But the agency life wasn’t the best fit after I had my family. I wanted to trade my frequent flyer status, hotel points, and first-class upgrades for the chance to be more present in my son’s life. I’ve been working for myself since 2017, when I founded Etched Marketing Academy.

Today I teach SEO to entrepreneurs and small business owners. I walk through the process with you in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner. If you’re ready to learn SEO so that your website ranks higher, gets more traffic, and generates more leads and sales for you (even in your sleep!), then let’s get to know each other. Learn more about my Simple SEO course for beginners here or find out how to work with me 1:1 here.

Thanks for popping by. I look forward to helping you learn SEO. Let’s chat.

Some of Etched Marketing’s clients include:

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