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Hi! I'm Rachel and I make search engine optimization (SEO) easy to understand so that your website can rank higher, generate more traffic, and make more sales (even in your sleep!)

Many people ask me how do I know when is the right time to focus on SEO?

It's a great question. Honestly, SEO is comething you should start with in the very beginning. In an ideal world, you would build your website with SEO in mind and use your keywords throughout.

The reality is that's not often how it goes, especially the first time and that's OK. With SEO no matter where you are today it's a good time to start because SEO is a long-game.

It takes time to build the authority and rankings so that your traffic will increase. The sooner you get started the sooner you see the results of your efforts.

SEO readiness quiz

1) Do you have a website?

2) Are you building a website?


If you answered Yes to either question, congratulations! You're ready to learn SEO.

See how easy that quiz was? Simple SEO breaks SEO down so that normal people, not techy nerds, can understand it and make progress because SEO is powerful. If you understand how it works you can leverage it to grow your business like crazy.

Whether you're a new business owner or an established one, SEO is a necessity for your business to drive traffic and leads from the web. In this SEO course for entrepreneurs you will learn:

  • The basics of how Google works.
  • How to confidently choose the right keywords every time.
  • What to do for SEO on your website.
  • How to build links from other websites to help you grow.
  • What to track to see results and what the heck those numbers all mean so you know if you're doing great or need to adjust your strategy.

Let's Get Started

Simple SEO, the easy SEO program for non-techy people

If you've ever wanted to learn SEO but felt that it was too complicated, too time consuming, or just simply too involved then I have an SEO training course for you! Simple SEO makes SEO easy for non-technical people. Yeah, it's designed to teach you what to do for SEO in a step-by-step manner that's easy to follow. We're not learning about crazy things here; just SEO made easy. I know, you're busy.

You're probably doing everything to get this business off the ground. Maybe you've got a virtual assistent or two to help you and you know SEO can make a difference but if you're not really sure how it works or what it does then it's hard to prioritize it. I get it. I talk to students all the time who were there until they learned how easy SEO is and how much it can benefit their bottom line. Once they see the opportunity it's hard to stop them.

Say what? SEO made easy? Is that even possible?

It is! SEO doesn't have to be something you feel like "has to be done" or is another task on your never-ending to-do list. It can be something you get excited about, once you start to understand how it all works to drive more traffic to your website. Once you understand how to choose the right keyword (that's the one you can rank for that will send customers who are ready to buy right to your website) there's no stopping you.

It doesn't have to be hard guys. So here's the thing. I think a lot of people put it off because it seems scary. And part of the reason it seems scary is that those who are in the SEO community want to keep that mystery and aura around it so that they can make you pay them to do it for you because it's "so confusing" and changes all the time. The truth is, while Google does change, we haven't had a major change to their algorithm since 2013. There have been a few updates but the big changes that dealt with what type of links to build and what type of content you need to create were defined between 2011-2013, guys. They make minor updates and improvements but it's been pretty consistent for a long time now.

Do you want to learn how SEO can help grow your business?

Of course you do. Who wouldn't want more traffic, more leads, more customers, even when you're sleeping? How amazing does that sound? Who wouldn't love to login to their bank account in the morning and see money that wasn't there the night before? It sounds fantastic! SEO can do that for your business because when you understand how it works you can turn your website into a revenue making machine.

Simple SEO is the SEO training course for entrepreneurs

In this course you will learn what SEO really entails, how it works for your business, and what to do on your website so that you can get more traffic, more leads, and make more money, even in your sleep. You'll go from feeling confused and overwhelmed to someone who loves SEO because they know it's easy and man does it generate money.

Simple SEO is taught by an SEO expert - me. It's been designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners and focuses on exactly what you need to know to use SEO to grow your business. I cut out the unnecessary and overwhelming technical parts and focus on choosing the right keywords, getting your website to rank higher for those keywords, and driving more traffic & leads for your business.

Simple SEO is taught live so that I can guide you through the process step-by-step, answer your questions, and ensure you learn what you need to leverage the power of SEO for your business.

Who am I to teach you about SEO?

Well, technically, I'm an SEO expert. I've been in digital marketing and SEO for the better part of the last 20 years and have worked with some of the biggest brands in ecommerce. I've written for Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and spoken at SEO industry conferences around the world. I'm not someone who "figured it out on my own" and simply teach what worked for a small website. I've worked with and learned from some of the very best in the industry; I've worked with marketing experts and big brands, as well as their smart marketing teams from all around the globe. You can learn more about me on the about page.

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