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What are our Marketing Strategy Services?

The missing link for so many business owners is a marketing strategy. Having a cohesive marketing strategy that looks at all channels together is the key to a successful marketing foundation and business growth. When we only look at performance from one channel or one promotion at a time, we miss the big picture and opportunity.

Having a strategic marketing plan in place, ahead of time, can help you stay focused and allow you to be more efficient and successful. At Etched Marketing, we work with clients to establish, refine and revise, implement, and execute upon their marketing plans every day. We understand the importance of a cohesive, strategic plan.

Our Services Include:

Marketing Launch Plan

This program is for business owners who are entering a new market and need help establishing their place. We work to create a grand opening plan, online and offline objectives, and create a strategic marketing plan to get you through the first year of business. Our team can either provide the strategy only or shape the strategy and complete the fulfillment of the program for you.

Annual Marketing Plan

This program helps established businesses that either have not had a formal marketing plan in place previously or have one but they are not sure if it has worked. We will meet with your team to review what has been done in the past and, if available, we will examine the results to see what worked and what did not. From there, we will review, revise, and establish the Annual Marketing Plan for the team to use this year. Our team can either provide the strategic consulting only or complete the execution work for you as well. It is up to you.

Digital Marketing Plan

If you have already established your business in your local market and now you are ready to tackle the online marketplace, this plan is for you. If you already have a website, we will review and determine if the site is search engine friendly, meaning the SEO work has been done right. From there we will examine the content to determine if the content pillars are in place and a copy production schedule is being followed. Then we will dig into your email and social media marketing efforts to ensure that your Digital Marketing Plan is ready to cover all internet marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy Consulting Services

Sometimes you need to have a Marketing Executive on the team, but it is not really in the budget to bring someone on board full time. We understand. We provide strategic consulting services for clients and fill the role of their CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). We join the leadership meetings, work with other internal teams, and lead the marketing efforts for clients. If you are in need of short term or long term marketing consulting, we can help with that too.

To learn more about our Marketing Strategy services, please contact us today. We would be happy to create a customized, comprehensive marketing plan for your business.

We understand the way to rank high and drive results for our clients is by developing a marketing strategy that ties all of your marketing efforts together. Staying focused on your goals allows you to avoid shiny object syndrome and be more successful in the end.

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