SEO is the Cheapest way to Drive Traffic to a Website

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Are you a small business owner looking for affordable ways to drive traffic to your website? Do you have a great product or service but a limited marketing budget, so you need to find free traffic sources? If so, are you using SEO (search engine optimization) to drive traffic? If not, it’s time. It’s the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website because it’s free. SEO or search engine optimization is something you do to help increase the amount of traffic your website gets from Google.


Unlike paid advertising, there is no budget required for SEO

You don’t need to invest money to get traffic from SEO, but you do need to actively work on your search engine optimization for the channel to work for your business. SEO is not something you can skip and still get results from. It’s something you have to do.



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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a series of steps to make your website easier for Google to understand so that they’re more likely to show it to people searching for information related to your website. Read this post for more information on SEO and why it matters to your business.


Why do I need to do SEO?

A website without SEO done properly won’t get free traffic from Google. SEO helps Google understand your content and start to trust your website. If you want to be found by the right people when they’re searching online, then you need to do SEO on your website.


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How do I do SEO on my website?

SEO is easy, but you do have to do it correctly to get results. You must start by choosing an SEO keyword your ideal customer uses; your website can rank for and tie to your business. You’ll want to use that keyword in the specific places Google will look for keyword data on your website page or blog post. This blog post will show you how to do SEO on your website.


The places where you need to use your keyword include:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Header Tags
  • Image File Name
  • Image ALT Text
  • Copy
  • URL


Each time Google sees the same keyword when looking for clues as to what the website page or blog post is about, it helps reinforce that it’s about this keyword in particular. Choosing one keyword is important so that Google knows this page is about that keyword.


How do you drive free traffic with SEO?

When you do SEO on your website, and Google understands what it’s about, it’s more likely to show your website to people searching for information related to that keyword. The more often you appear for a keyword search, the more traffic your website should get from Google. Ranking at the top of Google, in positions 1-3, is important because most people (60% or more) click on those results.


How do you make sure your website shows up in positions 1-3?

Choose a keyword your website has a good chance of ranking for and use that in the places where Google will look for insights about your website. How do you know if your website has a good chance of ranking for a keyword? Great question. Start by going to Google and seeing who’s currently ranking in positions 1-3 for the keyword you’re considering using in your SEO. If the websites are similar to yours, then you’re probably on a good track, but if they’re all much bigger brands than yours, you likely need to choose a different keyword because your site won’t rank high with competitors like that. You also want to consider your ideal customer – what are they looking for when searching with a specific keyword? Think about their search intention because it’s important to ensure they land on a page that helps them and answers their questions rather than feeling irrelevant to them. A good user experience is important to your overall business success.

What if your website shows up, but your competitors rank higher than you?

This happens. If your website shows up on Page 1, but your competition is higher than you, it’s OK. You can do a bit of competitive SEO research to determine if there’s something you can do to outrank them or if you’re potentially ranking as high as you can for that keyword. This blog post walks you through what to do when your competition outranks your website in Google’s search results.


SEO is the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website

SEO is the cheapest way to drive traffic to a website because it’s a free marketing channel. You do have to learn how to do it correctly, and you must create content that helps your ideal customer. You should create that content consistently, but you don’t have to pay for ads to get that content in front of people. As long as you’re choosing keywords that have search volume (meaning people are searching for information on this subject) that your website can rank for (so you show up near the top of Google’s search results and get clicked on by searchers), and provide value to the searcher you will be able to get free traffic to your website from Google.


And unlike paid traffic sources, SEO traffic doesn’t stop when you turn the ads off. SEO traffic can work for years to come and steadily drive leads and sales for your business, but you have to prioritize learning how to do it correctly and consistently creating content. Get started today by requesting my free SEO content quick start guide and taking my free SEO training class and then when you’re ready, join me in Simple SEO Content, and I’ll show you exactly how to do this so you can get free traffic from Google regularly.