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SEO: Setting Your Website Up for Success

A website that is plagued with technical issues or slow response times will negatively impact your keyword ranking and overall competitiveness. This is why SEO is the foundation of all programs. The team at Etched Marketing works to identify any issues that could impact your site’s ability to rank well in the search results.

Our Services Include:

Technical Site Review

The first step of any SEO program is a technical review of the website or blog. We review everything that could impact your site’s ability to rank. We ensure your site is running on a strong foundation. We make sure the page load speeds are as fast as possible. We check to see that you are following SEO best practices for content, optimization elements, URL structure, image names, ALT text, and more. The team completes a report that shows you what needs to be corrected to improve SEO performance. If your IT team can make the changes, we hand off to them to implement. If you need help, our team can handle the implementation for you.

Consumer Terminology Study

One of the two most essential components to keyword ranking is the content on your website, in this study we work to identify the terms your customers are using for your core products and services. In many instances, what a business is using and what the consumer is using are not the same terms. We start with a list of up to six core keywords that are tied to your business and expand that out to up to 2,000 words. The terms are researched, analyzed and prioritized based on potential impact. We use this information to determine website structure, navigation, product naming, and more. Using the terms consumers use is a key to SEO success. You will not rank for a keyword if you are not using it on your website or blog.

SEO Website Optimization Review & Refresh

We begin by using the terms that were identified in the Consumer Terminology Study and the keywords from the Content Strategy, and we refresh the website optimization (Title tags, Meta descriptions, and H1 tags) on the website to ensure we are targeting the right terms in the right places to rank.

SEO Strategy and Consulting

The team at Etched Marketing, work with clients on an on-going basis to provide strategy and consulting as needed. Questions pop up, opportunities arise, and you need someone to ask or check in with. Our team is happy to provide SEO recommendations or answer questions for clients. We want to be your partner, not just a vendor.

Link Attraction or Authority Development

The authority your website has is one of the two most important ranking factors, and your website’s authority is directly impacted by the quantity and quality of the websites that link to yours. Due to this, our link building process is carefully crafted and strategic. It takes time because we do not take shortcuts or cheat because those tactics do not work and get you in trouble with Google. We work to find natural link opportunities, leverage partnerships, or find websites where our clients could write a guest blog post.

Performance Reporting

The only way to know if your SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media efforts are working is to report against an established baseline. When you work with the team at Etched Marketing, we report on performance on a monthly basis and review both month-over-month and year-over-year trends for performance (SEO traffic, orders, revenue), keyword ranking, authority development (links secured, Domain Authority changes), and share of voice (how you compare to the competition). We analyze the findings to determine what is working and what is not. We adjust strategy, as necessary, based on performance.

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