3 Ways to increase blog traffic for beginners

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Have you heard that blogging can help drive traffic to your website? Are you hoping to build a blogging business and become an influencer? Do you want to sell your products through an e-commerce website and use a blog to help drive traffic? No matter why you’re blogging, you probably want to increase the traffic to your blog. So, let’s get started with 3 ways to increase blog traffic for beginners. Whether you’re brand new to blogging or you’ve been doing it for a while but not getting many people to your blog, you’ll learn things you can do to help.


What are you blogging about?

The first way to increase traffic to your blog is to make sure you’re writing about topics people are interested in. Writing and editing blog posts takes time, so you want to ensure you get people reading what you’re writing. One of the most important things you can do is make sure you have a content strategy for your blog. What are you writing about, and how do your topics relate to each other? You want to make sure your blog posts will appeal to an audience. There’s no point in writing about topics no one is interested in if you want to grow a blogging business.


How do you find out if anyone is interested in your topics?

You can use an SEO keyword research tool such as the Google Keyword Planner to check for search volume for the topic you’re considering writing about. Now, it’s possible that if you put your entire title in the research tool, you will see no search volume because people don’t search for that specific title, but if you take the most important words in the title and search them, you may find data. This is called an SEO keyword. It’s a keyword or keyword phrase that someone would search for in Google.


You can also use Google Suggested Search – this is one of my favorite tools for finding blog post ideas because the results are based on what Google thinks you might be searching for because other people are searching for that information. It’s relevant, it’s current, and sometimes, it’s in Suggested Search before we see any search volume in the keyword tools. Start typing a few words related to your niche and see what Google suggests. I did that, and that’s how I found the keyword phrase – blog traffic for beginners. 



Write a great post to increase blog traffic

Always write for your reader. It’s important to provide value and have your content be helpful. Google wants to show people content that will help them make decisions, learn about a subject, etc. They don’t want to show blogs or websites readers go to and think – well, that was a waste of time. The best way for you to increase blog traffic is to create great content that your readers are interested in and will want to read. 


Google has a grading system for content on the web. It’s called E-E-A-T, and that stands for Experience – Expertise – Authority – Trust. Essentially, Google wants you to write about what you know, show your readers that you are an expert, and have first-hand experience with the subject matter. They want you to build your authority and trust in your niche. It’s easier to do this if you essentially stay in your lane – choose core topics you blog about and go deep rather than broad. For example, I focus on SEO (search engine optimization) for websites, blogs, and podcasts, mainly on my blog. I also have posts on email marketing and content marketing, but even though I love to bake, I don’t blog about homemade bread or sourdough starters. I’m also a mom, but I’m not a parenting blogger. It’s important to choose your niche and topics and focus on them. Google doesn’t want to rank my SEO website high for a sourdough bread recipe because even if I have a great recipe (and I do!) I’m not an expert at baking sourdough bread the same way I am at search engine optimization. I have hundreds of blog posts about SEO that go back 7 years. You’ll have a better chance of getting traffic to your blog if you choose topic areas related to each other and stay consistent.



Do Blog SEO every time

The best way to get traffic to your blog is to do SEO on every blog post you create. Doing this helps Google understand your blog content better, and when they understand it better, they’re more likely to show it to people for you.


What do you do for blog SEO as a beginner?


Step 1—Choose an SEO keyword for your blog post. Look for one that’s not super competitive so you have a good chance of ranking at the top of Google and getting traffic to your post.


Step 2—Do blog SEO on your blog post. Use your SEO keyword in your blog title, URL, and copy. Create a title tag and a meta description that uses your keyword, too.


You can request a copy of my Beginner’s Step-by-Step SEO Guide here and follow it to optimize your blog post.


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Step 3 – Watch your blog’s analytics to see when your efforts start to pay off. Track your SEO keyword ranking and organic traffic numbers. If you’re not sure how to do this, I teach it in Simple SEO Content.


Bonus – join me in Simple SEO Content, and I’ll help make this process a whole lot easier and show you how to do it step-by-step. From brainstorming topic ideas to using AI tools to speed up the process, to writing content that Google wants to feature, to optimizing that content for Google so it gets traffic all the way through tracking your performance – I guide you every step of the way. In only 5 modules, you’ll go from being confused or frustrated to having a traffic and revenue-generating blog that is easy to run and fully SEO-friendly.