3 Easy Steps to Build Your Google My Business Reviews

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3 Easy Steps to Build Your Google My Business Reviews


We’ve talked a lot about Google My Business on the blog recently, and it’s because it’s one of the best free marketing channels for small business owners. We’ve gone through how to verify your listing, how to optimize your listing, why reviews matter for your listing, and today we’re wrapping up the series with how to get Google My Business reviews for your business.


You Know Reviews Matter So Let’s Start Gathering Them

You can wait for people to give you reviews on their own but the reality is that’s not going to happen frequently. People are much more likely to submit reviews if they’re asked to leave one.


  • Step 1– If you have a brick and mortar location, have a sign that asks people to leave a review on Google My Business (you can do this for Yelp too if you’re active there).
  • Step 2- Add a note to your receipt and ask people to consider leaving a review on Google My Business.
  • Step 3 - Send a follow-up email to all customers you’ve served and make sure everything is okay. In that email, ask them to submit a review for your business. 

Bonus Idea – Add reviews and testimonials on your website and link to your Google My Business listing so that anyone who’s reading your reviews and is interested in leaving a review can do it quickly too.


Building your Google My Business Reviews can help set you apart from the competition. Having positive reviews will show up in your star rating on the maps, if you rank higher than the competition, then people will see that and take note.


Address Customer Service Issues First

If you’re going to focus on building reviews, then you need to make sure your product or service and customer service are all outstanding. If you have mediocre service or products and you ask for reviews, you may not like what you get back from customers. Fix any customer service or product related issues before you begin a review campaign.


Understand Negative Reviews Happen

Also, make sure you address negative reviews in a timely and professional manner. The reality is not everyone will be thrilled with your business, there will be some negative reviews in time. You need to acknowledge them and respond professionally. Don’t place blame. Don’t try to hide them. Just accept them and move forward. If there’s something, you can fix to help the customer then try. If you can't fix the issue with the customer, it's OK. As long as the majority of the reviews are positive people will give you a chance. People know that you can’t please everyone.


Start Gathering Reviews

Go forth and provide excellent products and customer service and then ask your happy customers to review your business. In my experience, satisfied customers are more than willing to give reviews.

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