How to do SEO yourself

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if it’s possible to do SEO on your website or, more importantly, how to do SEO yourself, then you’re in luck because that’s precisely what I’m going to teach you to do.


SEO or search engine optimization is making your content (website page or blog post) easier for the search engine to understand so that it gets shown to more people, which means you can earn more organic (free) traffic.


SEO is a super powerful marketing channel that can transform your business if you know how to do it correctly and consistently.


How to do SEO yourself step-by-step


First, you will want to choose a topic you know your Ideal Customer is interested in and wants to learn about. You can use several strategies to determine the content topic. You can answer some of your most frequently asked questions. You can research on Google to see what questions people are asking that are related to your niche, or you can do some keyword research and see if there are questions that are good options for your business.


Once you’ve selected a topic, you can start writing your content piece (it doesn’t matter if it’s a website page or blog post for this step, you do the same thing for either one. You do the same thing for a social post too, but you probably write a bit less for social).


Write for your audience, answer their questions, and provide value for them. Don’t worry about how often you use your keyword or how many words your piece is.


Focus on getting the information your audience wants or needs to know on paper first. If you could see the redlines on this post right now, you’d feel much better – don’t worry; it will look great when you read it because I’ll have edited and optimized it before publishing.


The most important thing to focus on with your content is providing value for your Ideal Customers and answering their question for them. Stay focused on that, and you’ll do great.


Finally, you want to optimize your content for SEO


When you’re doing SEO for yourself, you need to be careful to follow SEO best practices so that you can get results.


If you don’t have a copy of my free SEO Content Quick Start Guide yet, get one here so you know what the rules are.



Start with the keyword you researched and identified before you started writing. This is your SEO keyword for this piece of content. You’re going to use it in all of your optimization elements.


Use your keyword in your Title Tag, Meta Description, Copy, Picture File Name, Header Tags, and URL. Use the same keyword in each of these elements and follow the guidelines in the Quick Start Guide or linked posts to ensure you’re creating the right way.


Final Thoughts on learning SEO on your own

It’s easy to do SEO yourself if you learn how to do it correctly and follow the rules.


The most important things to know when you’re trying to do it on your own are that you need to choose a keyword your website can rank for, and you need to use that keyword in all the places that Google’s looking for information as to what your page or post is about. If you do both, you should see results from your SEO work.


If you’re unsure how to find out if your SEO is working, check out this post that walks you through how to check your SEO rankings and performance so you know.

Or take my class and learn how to do SEO the right way from the start


If you want to learn more about SEO and Content and not have to try to DIY everything, I have a class that will teach you exactly what to do in a step-by-step manner. I’d love to have you join me in class to learn. Find out more here.