How to get more Keywords to Rank

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It seems that most small business owners or bloggers who are working on their SEO want more keywords to rank in Google’s Search Results. It’s understandable, the more words you have that rank high, the more people see your website or blog.

How do you get more keywords to rank?

There are two ways you can increase the number of keywords ranking in the search results. The first is by building your domain authority so that you have more chance of having the terms you’ve already optimized for rank higher and be seen by more people. The second way is by increasing the number of keywords optimize for on your website or blog.

Which Keyword Ranking Strategy is Right for My Business or Blog?

This question can be answered in three ways. First, building your domain authority is probably a good strategy for most any small business owner or blogger. Most of us have websites that could benefit from an increase in authority. The more authoritative Google thinks your site is, the more likely they are to show it to users who search for the information you offer. If you’re not sure what Domain Authority is or how to increase yours read these two posts to learn and determine if this is a strategy that you need to use.

Creating more highly optimized and targeted content is also a good idea because it gives you more opportunities to be indexed by Google and found in their search results. The more pages you have that are helpful to your customers, the more opportunities people have to see your website or blog through Google’s search results. If you’re curious how much of an impact blogging can have on your site read this post on the benefits of blogging.

Finally, a strategy that focuses on both building your authority AND creating more content may be the right one for your website or blog. This is the best of both worlds. As you build your Domain Authority, the content you’ve already created should start to rank better and drive more traffic. As you add more targeted content, you’re building your overall ranking chances. By working both together, you double your chances of SEO success.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re creating content that your target customer wants to read and ensure it’s well optimized. Spend extra time on your Content and SEO Strategies to build a solid foundation for success. If you're going to get more keywords to rank, you need to work on both building authority and creating great content. As always the most critical factor is choosing the right keyword. Optimize for words that you can rank for today, and you’ll see success much faster.

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Request your copy of the SEO checklist today and learn what to do on every page to rank higher on Google.