How to Grow Your Audience with SEO

Have you ever wondered if you could use SEO to help grow your audience? There’s so much focus on social media and ads, but what about good ol’ SEO for audience growth? Oh, my friend, SEO should be your favorite marketing channel because it’s so powerful. You can grow your audience with SEO in a few simple steps.

How do you grow your audience with SEO?

First, you’ll want to keep your Ideal Customer in mind as you develop your content. What do they want to know? What do they need help with? Brainstorm content ideas for your Ideal Customer. Need help identifying your Ideal Customer? Check out this post.  

Second, research keywords that are tied to those content ideas you generated. What terms does your Ideal Customer use when they’re searching for something? Are there terms with more search demand than others? Are there terms you think you can rank for easier than others? Not sure what SEO keywords are? Check out this post.  

Third, create your content for your Idea Customer. Write your blog post, record your video or blog post and make sure you answer the questions your potential customers ask. Need help speeding up the process, learn how to create a content calendar here.

Fourth, optimize your content using the keywords you researched and ensuring you follow the SEO best practices for your website (not sure what to do, get your copy of my SEO Quick Start guide now and find out). 

Fifth, add an opt-in to the content pages that you’re creating so that you can begin to nurture that new lead and, in time, turn them into a customer. Not sure how to create a lead magnet? Get started here.  

How does this SEO strategy work?

As you create & optimize more content, you should start to rank for more keywords

The higher you rank in Google’s search results, the more traffic you get. In general, the websites in positions 1-3 get about 60% of all search traffic. As you move up page 1, you will start to get more traffic because more people will see your search result.

 If your website offers value to them, they’ll likely stick around, sign up for your opt-in, or return the next time they have a question about something related to what you do.

Spending time to determine your SEO content strategy and choosing the right keywords can help send more qualified traffic to your website every day. The more people Google sends your way; the bigger your audience can grow.

See how easy it is to grow your audience with SEO?


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