How to use SEO tools to research your lead magnet topic

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Have you ever wondered what type of lead magnet would work best for your business and wished someone would tell you what they wanted? Well, my friend, that’s EXACTLY what you can do with a few SEO tools.

What SEO tools do I use for lead magnet development?

My FAVORITE SEO tool for lead magnets (and, honestly, copy development) is Google Suggested Search. I love it so much because Google tells me EXACTLY what people are searching for when they’re using the keywords I’m typing into the search bar. The terms that Google suggests are what people are often searching for. Talk about knowing exactly what your ideal customer wants help with.

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How does Google Suggested Search work for lead magnet development?

I was working with someone recently, and we were trying to figure out what lead magnet she should create for her business, so we started searching Google. We started with her core keyword and let Google show us other related searches & suggested searches. She’s a writer’s coach, so we started with terms like writer’s coach and writing coach for women and then went into things like how do you write a book to see what else came up in Suggested Search and People also ask, and that’s where we found that people were looking for book writing prompts templates, and guides. They were searching for documents that would help guide them through the writing process.

By using the information in Google Suggested Search, we were able to develop ideas for lead magnets and great blog posts for her website.

What other SEO tools can you use for lead magnet development?

Another great tool is Answer the Public. If you go to this site and enter a keyword, it will give you a report showing ALL the questions people ask about that topic. It will show you so many ideas that you can look for patterns and themes. You can use Answer the Public to find ideas for lead magnets and blog posts.

How do you determine which lead magnet to develop?

You can do a few things to determine which lead magnet to develop. The first thing I like to do is look at what’s out there already. Go back to Google and type in your lead magnet topic to see what’s there. Are people offering lead magnets or blog posts on this topic? What type of websites are they? Are they similar to yours, or are they big brands? If they’re similar to yours, this could be a good topic for you from an SEO perspective. If they’re all big brands, it may still be a great topic, but it probably won’t get as much SEO traffic.

Once you’ve done some competitive research in Google’s search results, go to the Google Keyword Tool (within Google AdWords) and check the search volume on your top 3-4 lead magnet ideas or titles and see what the search volume is for them.

Finally, review the search demand and competitive information and decide which one looks like it has the best opportunity for your business. You want enough search volume to generate some traffic and, ideally, low competition (in the keyword tool report) and websites similar to yours on Page 1 of the search results. A topic that is not too competitive has sites similar to yours, and some keyword search volume should help drive traffic to your website and help you generate leads.