How to optimize your lead magnet landing page

Have you optimized your lead magnet landing page yet? Are you driving new leads through SEO? If not, you’re going to want to do this ASAP. 


Step 1: Choose keywords for your lead magnet landing page

You’ll need to follow the same optimization process you would for any other page on your website and start by choosing keywords. You’ll want to choose 1-3 keywords to use on your page and do your research to determine which ones to use for the page.  

Step 2: Create SEO Friendly Copy 

Once you’ve selected your keywords for your landing page, you need to write copy. Now, because this is a landing page, it’s possible you won’t have 300 words on the page, and that’s OK. If it makes sense to have some copy here, add it, but if it’s a simple landing page that feels weird with lots of copy, don’t add it just for SEO. You want to keep your consumer in mind. What do they expect to see on this page? Give them the information they need but don’t stuff it full of unnecessary text to try to increase your word count (I’m looking at you every recipe blogger ever) 

Step 3: Optimize your Landing Page

Create SEO-friendly Meta Descriptions and Title Tags, give your images SEO-friendly names, add in Header Tags if you have enough copy on your page to warrant their use. Follow the SEO best practices for this page the same as you would for another page or blog post.  

By optimizing your landing page, you should drive some traffic to your lead magnet from Google, which would be great. It’s an easy process to optimize a lead magnet landing page. 


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Bonus Tip: 

Add links to your lead magnet landing page in your blog posts and from other relevant pages on your website to help drive additional traffic. 

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