What Holiday Content Should You Create?


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It’s already fall, pumpkin spice season, Halloween, and in no time, it will be the Christmas holiday shopping season. If you read the post on how to create your holiday marketing plan, you might be wondering what holiday content should I create? It’s already the end of October, so it’s definitely time to figure it out and get started.

What Holiday Content Should I Create?

The answer to this question is going to vary depending on your business. You need to think about your target customer and their issues related to the holiday season. Who do you serve and what do they need this time of year?

Holiday Content Ideas

If your target audience has young children who are going to be home from school for several weeks during the holidays, then they might want content that includes fun things to do with their kids, holiday traditions, holiday crafts, and stuff like that.

If your target audience is interested in hosting holiday events then they might be looking for holiday decorating trends, tips for stress-free hosting, holiday tablescapes, and recipes for easy dinners that look impressive.

If you focus on luxury travel, then your audience might be interested in winter vacation destinations and holiday celebrations around the world.

Knowing Your Audience is the Key

Knowing who you’re targeting helps you determine what content to create each season. One of my clients was a home décor store, and they knew their target customer was a woman 30-55 with children or grandchildren, she often hosted the holiday meals at her house and wanted it to look beautiful and festive.

We created a content strategy that included blog posts on items such as hosting holiday parties, holiday décor trends, ways to incorporate very young children into holiday decorating, prep-ahead holiday breakfasts, and more. Every piece of content we created served our customer based and addressed her needs for the holiday season. We also tied at least one of their products into every post.

Align your Customers’ Needs with Your Product Priorities

If you have a product-based business, then make sure you’re aligning their needs with your products like we did in the examples above. When we created the blog post about the make-ahead breakfast, it was photographed in a beautiful, festive serving dish that was part of their holiday collection. You can do this with most products. If you sell clothing then maybe you want to create a post on holiday clothing trends and highlight your new collection.

Can Content Sell Services too?

Yes, you can use content to help support service-based businesses around the holidays too. Another former client was a large franchise organization with both cleaning and restoration services. For their blog, we focused on getting the house ready for the holidays, preventing fires and smoke damage, and things like that. We wrote a post on quick ways to triage holiday drink spills until you can get the professionals there to clean it the right way. We had posts on creating beautiful and safe holiday decorations and getting your house ready for company.

What Content Do I Need to Create for my Business?

To answer this question, you need to start brainstorming a list of your customers' needs, questions, challenges, and frustrations that tie to the holiday season. What do they need help with this time of year? The content you need to create will be easy to identify. As you create your posts, think about how you tie them to your business in a helpful, not pushy way, and you’ll see success through your content marketing efforts this year.


Pro Tip: Keep track of everything you do for the holiday season this year so that when you’re ready to plan next year, you know what worked and what didn’t. If you’re not sure how to determine what worked or didn’t, this post walks you through how to figure out the ROI on your holiday marketing efforts.