What is SEO Content?

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SEO Content is becoming a buzzword, but it’s also one of the original digital marketing strategies and is at the core of organic marketing. SEO content is content that’s optimized for the search engines so that it gets more organic traffic. 


What goes into SEO Content

When I teach my students to write SEO Content, I teach them to start with their SEO keyword research as the base for their content writing. You want to ensure you’re writing content that will have an audience when it’s ready. If people aren’t interested in what you’re writing about, they will not search for it, find your content, or visit your website, and you will have wasted your time and effort. 


The foundation of SEO Content

The first step to an SEO content strategy is determining the content topic area and the keyword you will use in your optimization. You want to select a keyword closely tied to your content topic with a good ranking potential. There’s no point in creating content you can’t rank for because you won’t get traffic from that piece if you don't rank well.


Writing your SEO Content

Once you’ve searched for an idea that your Ideal Customer is interested in and verified, there’s a keyword that your website can rank high for you’re ready to get started. You will want to create a blog post or website page that’s helpful to your Ideal Customer. Don’t worry about your keyword count, word count, or anything like that at this point. It’s more important that you create great content that anticipates your readers’ questions and provides value for them,


Optimizing your SEO Content

The last step of SEO Content writing is to optimize your content piece for the search engine so you hopefully rank higher and get more organic traffic. You must use the original keyword you selected during the foundation step and follow SEO best practices for your optimization.


How do you optimize your content?


Write a Title Tag that’s less than 60 characters and includes the keyword. Write a Meta Description that’s less than 160 characters and uses the same keyword. Use the keyword in the title of your page or blog post. Include the keyword in the first paragraph of your copy. Use the keyword in your image file names.


Get a copy of my free SEO Content Quick Start Guide to learn more about how to do this. Don’t worry about how many words you’re writing or how many times you’ve used your keyword. Write for your audience, provide value, and then ensure you optimize for the search engine to get traffic to your SEO Content piece.

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