What's the Best Content for SEO?

Are you ready to get started with your SEO plan and wondering what type of content is best for SEO? I bet you are, and you know what, you’re not alone. People often ask me what the best content for SEO is? Should I blog, should I have a podcast, should I do a video show? What should I do?

You can choose what type of SEO content you create

From a content production perspective, the reality is you can choose what you want – it can be a blog post, a podcast, a video show. It’s up to you. What’s going to help you the most is the one you’re the most consistent with, and you create and optimize.

However, from an SEO standpoint, little will help you as much as blogging. The reason blogs work so great for SEO is because you’re creating more content and thus, have more opportunities to rank in Google’s search results. 

You can incorporate a podcast or video show into your blog posts. That can help your SEO even more because adding video or audio files provides a more engaging user experience and makes people want to stay on your page longer. Google looks at the average time people spend on your page to determine if your content is viewed as good or bad. The longer they spend on the page, the more engaging Google believes your content to be. We want to see the average time on site to be more than 1:00 in your Google Analytics report, and we want to see people visiting more than 1 page of your website.

How video helps your SEO

If you want to create a video show or a YouTube channel, this can be a great SEO strategy. YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind only Google. If you learn how to create content people want to watch & optimize it for the YouTube algorithm (different from Google), you can find new opportunities for potential customers.

You’ll want to create blog posts that align with your YouTube videos and optimize those posts on your website to help drive traffic to them. You’ll want to incorporate your video into those blog posts so that when people find you in Google’s search and come to your site, they see both the blog post and your video. If they watch the video & read the post, your time on the page will go up (which makes Google happy).

How a podcast helps your SEO

If you’re going to create a podcast, you’ll still need to create a blog post for the subject if you want to see an SEO benefit. You can’t just post your show notes and figure that’s good enough. Show notes aren’t high-quality content, and Google knows that. You’ll need to create a blog post, optimize that post, and link your audio files from the podcast in the blog post.

Which Content-Type is Best for SEO?

From an SEO perspective, the best content for you is a blog. I know that may not be what you want to hear, but blogging provides a better opportunity for reaching more new customers than almost any other type of content. That doesn’t mean you don’t create a YouTube channel or podcast; you absolutely can and incorporate them into your blog. Google needs words to read, links to click, and optimization elements to help them understand what your page is about.

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