How to get my business on top of Google Search

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Well, hello there, my SEO friend. Today I want to talk about a very important topic that’s a focus for most small business owners. How to get my business on top of Google search. You likely have heard that it’s important to be at the top of Google search to get traffic, and that’s 100% true. If you want free, organic traffic from Google, you need to rank in positions 1-3 ideally. If you want to be found by the right people on Google, follow this process.


How do you know who will rank at the top of Google for a specific keyword?

So it’s hard to know who will rank in position #1 for a keyword search, but we can generally have a good idea. Google wants to give the best user experience to someone searching for information. Because of this, Google will generally show websites it trusts over those it’s less familiar with in the search results. Google also favors websites from trustworthy sources and authorities that showcase experience or expertise in a particular area. They don’t want to show a website from a cooking blogger for a query related to tax preparation. Depending on the specific query, they want an accountant or tax preparation software company to answer your tax-related question. The cooking blogger may have a trustworthy website and be a respected authority in their niche. Still, if they’re not an expert in the niche the query is related to, then Google doesn’t want to show them because it’s not as good of a user experience for the searcher.


With this in mind, you want to choose keywords that you can use to create and optimize content where you are an expert and authority in the niche. You want to focus on creating content that helps your ideal customer and provides value. You want to be able to bring something new to the discussion. This is important. Google’s latest algorithm update is the Helpful Content algorithm, which focuses on ensuring your content is helpful to the reader. No one wants to waste time reading a blog post or watching a video that doesn’t tell them anything new. They want to learn and get answers to their questions.



What to do to get your business on the top of Google Search

You need to take specific steps to get your website to rank high in the search results. First, choose one keyword for each page or blog post. Ensure that the keyword is one you can rank at the top of Google for. You’ll want to check out the competition on Google and see how you relate to them. Is your website or business similar to the ones ranking on page 1, or are they much bigger than you? If they’re similar, you’re probably on a good track, but if they’re much more prominent brands, you need to look for a different keyword because it’s less likely that you’ll be able to outrank them and get to the top of the search results.


You need to look at the content and optimization on the pages ranking at the top of the search results for this keyword. See if the content is good, is it helpful, and does it provide value to the reader? Is the content optimized properly for Google? If the content is either not great or not optimized well, this is good news for you because it may be easier for you to rank higher in the future. However, if the content is excellent, helpful, and optimized correctly, it will be a bit more challenging, and you need to focus on creating something better. It doesn’t mean you have to write a longer blog post, but you need to create better content than they have right now because what Google has and is showing is good, and if you want to beat it, yours needs to be better.


Look at the content objectively. What’s good about it? Is there anything you think is missing? If you’re not sure if there’s anything more to add, you can always copy/paste it into ChatGPT or another AI tool and ask it what else you could include or if there’s additional semantically related content you should include. Now, huge note here – never copy what your competition has written, and try to use it as your own. Ask ChatGPT to give you an outline for a blog post using that piece as a guide and tell you what else you should include to rank higher than that particular piece.


Create your content with your ideal customer in mind. Provide value, be helpful, give them the necessary information, and anticipate their questions. All of this will help you to rank higher, and then when your content is excellent, you’ll want to optimize it for the search engine.

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How do you optimize your content for Google?

Now you will use the keyword you researched and use it in each place that Google will look for information on your blog post or website page. Your content should include this keyword because it should be what it’s about.


You’ll want to also use the keyword in your:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • Image File Name
  • Image ALT Text
  • Copy
  • Header Tags


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Getting to the top of Google search doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it because consumers trust the search results more than ads, and the click-through rate is 10X that of ads. Getting to the top of Google Search means that your business gets found by the right people when they’re searching online.


You must work with Google and earn their trust to get those top positions. It’s not impossible, but it does take time and effort. Regularly creating content that’s helpful to your ideal customer and optimized for Google will make a big difference in your results.


The more content you create and optimize, the more traffic you should get from Google in time as long as you choose keywords you can rank for, your ideal customer searches for, and you optimize for following Google’s rules. If you’re ready to learn more, join me in Simple SEO Content, and I’ll show you how to do this and more. Get started today by taking my free SEO class.