3 Easy Ways to do Search Engine Optimization for Google


If you have a website or blog, you’ve probably heard that it’s important to do search engine optimization for Google, but you might not be sure what to do or even how to get started. I’ll walk you through the process in the simplest, easiest way possible. 

 What is Search Engine Optimization for Google? 

Search Engine Optimization for Google is SEO. It’s a bit of extra information you add to your website page or blog post so that Google can understand your information better. When Google understands your information better, they show it to more people. If you want to learn more about SEO, start with this post. 

Step 1 for Search Engine Optimization for Google

The easiest way to get started with SEO is also the most important way. You want to start by choosing a keyword to use for your website page or blog post. This keyword should be closely tied to your page or blog post topic.  

Choosing the right keyword is also the most critical part of your search engine optimization process. You’ll need to look for a keyword that your Ideal Customer is using when they search for information related to your business AND one that doesn’t have a lot of competition because if you choose a highly competitive keyword, you won’t likely rank high in Google’s search results even if you do everything you can for SEO. 

You want to look for a keyword with some search volume and low competition. You can use different keyword research tools to find the competitiveness information or go to Google, type in the keyword you’re considering and see who shows up on page 1. If the websites that show up are similar to you, you’re probably on the right track, but if they’re big websites for big brands, you need to look for a different keyword because you won’t likely rank for this one. I teach how to do this in my SEO class; if you’d like someone to walk you through how to do this, you can learn more here. 

Step 2 for Search Engine Optimization for Google

Once you’ve chosen your keyword and verified that it’s not too competitive, it’s time to write your blog post or website page copy. Focus on your Ideal Customer, not Google, in this step. Your content needs to be helpful and valuable for your customer to work. Don’t worry about how often you use your keyword in this step. It’s more important to provide value and make sure your Ideal Customer can find the information they need. This step is about building your like and trust factor and becoming a resource for your Ideal Customer. By giving your Ideal Customer helpful content, you’ll give Google what it wants. 

Step 3 for Search Engine Optimization for Google 

In this final step, you’ll use your keyword to complete the actual optimization for Google. You need to create a Title Tag and Meta Description for your page or blog post unique to this page and use your keyword. You want to use your keyword in the URL and your image file name. You should also use it in your Header tags; those are the big sentences separating my paragraphs, making it easier to read. Get a copy of my free SEO Quick Start Guide to find out exactly what to do in this step. 

Use these three steps to do Search Engine Optimization for Google on any website page or blog post you create from here forward, and you’ll see better results. What you’re going to look for in your reports is an increase in your keyword rank and an increase in organic search traffic – that’s how you’ll know your SEO is working. 

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