Is SEO important for online entrepreneurs?

In the online entrepreneur, coach, course creator world, there’s a ton of focus on Facebook ads to grow your business, but what about SEO. Is SEO important to online entrepreneurs too?

SEO is critical to your success as an online entrepreneur

The way I see things, SEO is critical to your success. You can jump-start your business with Facebook and Instagram or Google Ads but long-term, do you want to be dependent upon someone else you have to pay to drive traffic to your business? I sure don’t.

Search engine optimization takes a bit of time to work, and there are things you have to learn to have it work the right way. But let’s be honest, ads take time to test and figure out what works for your audience too. And you’re paying money for all of your testing.

I think people shy away from SEO because they think it’s complicated or confusing, and that makes me sad. SEO can be such a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website and help your business make money.

What should I do for SEO as an online entrepreneur?

First, you need to research keywords related to your business and choose the ones you’re going to focus on optimizing. You’ll want to decide what you want to be known for. Think of this as your SEO version of niching down. For example, I focus on SEO lessons for beginners, SEO for entrepreneurs, easy SEO, etc. You may focus on money coach for parents, money coach, branding and creative, book coach for women, etc.

Research the keywords your ideal customer uses and determine which ones you’re going to use in your SEO program.

Once you’ve chosen the keywords you’ll use for your SEO plan; you need to write SEO-friendly copy for your website and optimize your website pages and blog posts. If you’re unsure what to do on each page, get your copy of my free SEO Quick Start Guide and find out how to optimize your website or blog. 


Start your SEO work and track your performance (keyword rankings and traffic from Organic Search in your Google Analytics report), and you’ll be able to watch SEO start to grow your business.    

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