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 I’m so excited that you’re here, and want to learn more about SEO and content marketing and how they work together to help you grow your business without relying on ads. SEO and content marketing are incredibly powerful organic marketing channels.


They’re not hard to learn, but they are hard to understand on your own, and that’s why I’ve created an SEO training class for you!



Whether you’re a Realtor, an online course creator, a coach, a small business owner, an online entrepreneur, or doing something else, SEO and Content Marketing can help your business get more leads and make more sales. It’s not a shiny object. You create the most supercharged content marketing plan when you pair SEO, content marketing, and social media together for your business.


How do you start learning SEO?


Learning SEO can feel daunting, especially at first, or trying to do it independently. It feels hard if you’re trying to figure it out via blog posts like this or YouTube videos exclusively. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is your way of telling Google what your website content is about and who it’s created for so Google can share it with people.


I have a bunch of blog posts on the website that will help you get started with Seach Engine Optimization and content marketing. 

SEO and Content Marketing Resources for you:

What is SEO

What is Content Marketing

How to get started with SEO

There are a lot more, but those will get you started. 




Also, get a copy of my free SEO Quick Start Guide; it's a super handy reference to have as you start this journey, and then sign up for my free SEO training class.

Can you learn about SEO for free?


Yes, you can learn about SEO for free, but sometimes, we want to save money and do things on our own, making it harder. You can learn about SEO free via blogs and videos, but that can make it harder, and it takes longer that way.


Many of my students and clients started that way and then took my SEO training class or worked with me 1:1 so they could stop wasting time and get results faster.


Taking an SEO training class will help you because you’ll have an SEO expert to guide you and show you the way. They’ll teach you exactly what to do to get results for your effort, and they’ll be there to answer your questions when they come up (questions always come up; this is expected).


Are You Ready to Take an SEO Training Class?


If you’re interested in learning more about SEO and taking a training class that will teach you exactly what to do for SEO on your website and/or blog, I’d love to have you join me in SimpleSEO Content, my SEO training class. I've designed this class to teach you what type of content to create and how to get it to rank at the top of Google so more people find it. 


To learn more about SimpleSEO Content, visit this page or start with my free SEO training class that teaches you why you're not getting organic traffic and how to fix it ASAP. Learn how to use SEO to get traffic, leads, and sales for your business.