Can you use SEO to grow your email list?

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You may be wondering if you can use SEO to grow your email list, and the answer is most definitely! You should be using SEO to help grow your email list. When you use SEO, you help the search engine better understand what your website is about to send people who are most interested in what you offer. Beyond that, when you have an SEO strategy in place, you focus on keywords that your customer is using, which helps drive better qualified (more interested) people to your website.


How does SEO help grow your email list?

Your SEO strategy will include keywords related to your business. As your rankings improve and you have more traffic coming to your website via SEO, you could have more people sign up for your email list via an opt-in or lead magnet on your website.


Why does an email list matter to your business?

You want to grow your email list because it’s the only connection point you own. You don’t own your social media followers, but you do own your email list. It’s important to grow your business.


How do you grow your email list with SEO?

First, you will need to create an opt-in that your ideal customer is going to want. It should be something that’s easy to implement that will help them immediately; if you’re not sure what to create, start by reading up on opt-ins here.  Once you’ve got an opt-in, you need to add it to your website’s homepage so that it’s easy for your visitors to find and request. If you need ideas on growing your email list, find out how to get your first 100 subscribers


What else can you do to grow your email list with SEO?

You can optimize your opt-in landing page. You need to create unique Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and optimized content for your landing page. Be sure to use your keywords in your Title Tag, Meta Description, Image File Name, and Content on your landing page. By optimizing specific keywords on your landing page, you may have people find it via Google and join your email list when they visit the page.


What if your landing page doesn’t have a lot of copy? Is it worth still trying to optimize? Yes, even if you don’t have the minimum 300 words of copy on your landing page, it’s worth optimizing the other elements and choosing keywords to use on the page. Not every page will have 300 words, and that’s OK in certain instances like landing pages & contact pages. Some pages don’t need that much content. It’s still a good idea to optimize what you can. Be sure you track the keywords you target on your landing page, so you don’t use them somewhere else (remember, Google will only show your website twice for a keyword, so be careful where you use them).



How do you use SEO to get more people to your email list?

One of the best SEO strategies is to create blog posts relevant to your Ideal Customer and provide the information they need and want. When you create an opt-in tied to Your Ideal Customer’s needs and wants, it will likely align well with your website content. You should include a link to your opt-in landing page within your blog posts.


You can do something like this where you add it right into the copy, request your copy of my SEO Quick Start Guide now and learn what to do for SEO on your website. 


Or you can do something like this and use more formatting to make it stand out a bit more.

Either way, your Ideal Customer will see that you have something to help them, and it’s related to the term they’re searching for and the content they’re reading, so it’s likely going to be something they want. And if they want your opt-in, they’re going to request it, which will add them to your email list.


See how easy it is to use SEO to grow your email list? If you haven’t gotten a copy of my SEO Quick Start Guide yet, click here to request your copy, so you know what to do for SEO on your website. I’ll walk you through what to do on your website or blog so that you can get more traffic from Google.