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How to use SEO tools to research your lead magnet topic

Content Marketing, SEO

Have you ever wondered what type of lead magnet would work best for your business and wished someone would tell you what they wanted? Well, my friend, that's EXA...

How to optimize your lead magnet landing page

Content Marketing, SEO

Have you optimized your lead magnet landing page yet? Are you driving new leads through SEO? If not, you're going to want to do this ASAP. Step 1: Choose keywor...

SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

Content Marketing, SEO

When it comes to SEO, keeping it simple is best. I will walk you through SEO Made simple in a super easy-to-follow step-by-step guide in this training. SEO or Se...

Why Does Domain Authority Matter for SEO?

SEO, Small Business Life

In our first SEO 101 post on Domain Authority, we addressed the question what's Domain Authority? Today, we're building on that and digging deeper into why Domai...

Should I use ads & SEO both for my lead magnet?

SEO, Small Business Life

What's the best strategy for growing your email list? Should you run ads to the landing page or optimize it for SEO or do both? Do SEO and paid search or social ...

how to dominate page 1 of Google if you're an online business

Content Marketing, SEO

You may have heard that you have to be on page 1 of Google's search results, or it doesn't count. Maybe you've heard me say that. It's the truth; 97% of people n...

How will 2021 be Different?

Small Business Life

If you're still thinking 2020 sucks and you can't wait for it to end, you need to read a few of my recent posts on how to make it better for yourself, but I also...

What Holiday Content Should You Create?

Content Marketing, SEO

It's already fall, pumpkin spice season, Halloween, and in no time, it will be the Christmas holiday shopping season. If you read the post on how to create your ...

Is SEO important for online entrepreneurs?

SEO, Small Business Life

In the online entrepreneur, coach, course creator world, there's a ton of focus on Facebook ads to grow your business, but what about SEO. Is SEO important to on...

5 SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blogging, Content Marketing, SEO

Want to find a way to push your blog to perform even better? Drive more traffic and engage with more potential fans and followers? Then it’s time to optimize your blog!

Why Keyword Volume isn't #1 Priority

Content Marketing, SEO

When you're choosing the keyword, you're going to optimize a website page, or blog post for the one with the highest search volume probably seems like the best o...

Why having a speedy site matters to Google


If you've been around here for a while, you know that I try not to get too technical in the SEO content we talk about because I know it can be overwhelming, but ...

How to use SEO to Find New Customers

Blogging, Content Marketing, SEO

There are a couple of ways to grow your business. You can find new customers and service them, and you can continue to service the customers you have so they kee...

How do I know if my SEO content is working?

Content Marketing, SEO

We've talked about what SEO copywriting is and how to create content your customers want to read, and now it's time to discuss how to know if your SEO content is...

What is SEO copywriting?

Content Marketing, SEO

You may have heard people (or me) talk about how SEO and content go together like peanut butter and jelly (I had to do it, sorry) and wonder why. PB&J is a c...

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