50 Free or Cheap Digital Marketing Tools

Most digital marketers have a handful of tools they love and use on a regular basis. If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for new digital marketing tools to make your life easier. Browse the list below and hopefully; you'll find a few new tools that will be game changers for your marketing.

Social Media Tools 

These are a mix of social media management, analytics, and scheduling tools.

Copywriting Tools

Here are a handful of tools we find very useful in our content creation process. It's important to make sure the content you're writing is written well. It's also good to know if something you bought from someone was original or not. Sadly, we've heard stories of people buying blog posts from freelancers and finding they didn't pass the plagiarism test.

Email Tools 

If you're using email marketing to support your content marketing efforts - these tools can help. Several are email service providers, while Glock Apps enables you to determine if your email will be delivered.

Organizational & Productivity Tools 

When we're running a business, we need to be organized. These tools, ensure projects are managed, passwords are not lost, and bills are paid on time so we can keep moving forward with our businesses.

Design Tools

Here's where the fun starts to happen. Design, photo editing, word overlay, all sorts of fun visual marketing tools.

Performance Tools 

When it's time to determine what's working (or not), these are the tools we use. From finding the right keywords to target to identifying where our website traffic comes from and which blog posts are the most popular, these are the ones that help us prove ROI and make strategic decisions.

SEO Tools 

So, you want to target a specific keyword - how likely is it that you'll land on page one? These tools can help you determine if your targeted keywords are attainable for your website. They'll also help you find out if you have website errors, crawl issues, or page speed challenges.

These are 50 of our favorite digital marketing tools. Do you have others you love that aren't listed? Please comment and share. We're always looking for something new.