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How can I learn SEO?


You've likely heard that SEO is important to your website or blog, but you may not know why it's important or how to get started. Have you ever found yourself Go...

How do I start learning SEO?


Oh, I'm excited, my friend. This is one of the best questions I get. How do I start learning SEO? It's such a good question and leads to so much fun and big chan...

How to do SEO for a website step by step


If you're starting to learn about SEO, you may be wondering how to do SEO for websites step by step. Yeah, that's an awkward sentence, but it's got the keyword i...

What's the Best Content for SEO?

Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, SEO

Are you ready to get started with your SEO plan and wondering what type of content is best for SEO? I bet you are, and you know what, you're not alone. People of...

3 SEO tips for beginners

Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, SEO

If you're starting to learn SEO, then you may be wondering what the heck it's all about, why it matters, and more importantly, what you're supposed to do. Let's ...

Can you use SEO to sell Online Courses?


Spoiler alert: Yes! You can use SEO to sell online courses. Absolutely. And you should. Many course creators seem to focus only on using Facebook or Instagram ad...

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Content Marketing, Marketing Strategy, SEO

You've likely heard the term Ideal Customer and maybe even worked on determining who your Ideal Customer is, but how well do you know them? Is it enough, or shou...

What is SEO Copy?


We've been talking about SEO elements for a while now, and it's time to talk copy. If you're working on your website's search engine optimization, I bet you've t...

What is a Meta Description


Have you ever heard the term Meta Description and wondered any of the following? What is a Meta Description, what does a Meta Description look like on Google, wh...

What is a Title Tag?


Have you ever wondered, what is a title tag, why it is important, what does a title tag look like, or how do I write a title tag? I'm going to bet you've asked o...

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