Small Business Life

Analyzing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Performance

Content Marketing, SEO, Small Business Life

I know a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses ran promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and some of the folks I've talked to were frustrated with ...

Is SEO important for online entrepreneurs?

SEO, Small Business Life

In the online entrepreneur, coach, course creator world, there's a ton of focus on Facebook ads to grow your business, but what about SEO. Is SEO important to on...

Should I use ads & SEO both for my lead magnet?

SEO, Small Business Life

What's the best strategy for growing your email list? Should you run ads to the landing page or optimize it for SEO or do both? Do SEO and paid search or social ...

How will 2021 be Different?

Small Business Life

If you're still thinking 2020 sucks and you can't wait for it to end, you need to read a few of my recent posts on how to make it better for yourself, but I also...

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