How will 2021 be Different?


If you’re still thinking 2020 sucks and you can’t wait for it to end, you need to read a few of my recent posts on how to make it better for yourself, but I also want to ask how is 2021 going to be different for you?


None of us anticipated 2020 being the way that it was. Let’s be honest. We didn’t see that coming. We didn’t expect a global pandemic that would drastically change the lives of so many people.


And sometimes those unexpected changes are the best in the long run.


This week, I want you to think about how 2021 will be different for you and your business. The reality is, at least the beginning of 2021 is probably going to look a lot like much of 2020. We’re probably still going to be in a pandemic, and it may or may not be under control.


What you can do to help yourself prepare best and thrive is focus on what you can control. There is so much that’s in your control right now. You control how you react to the overall situation; you control who you spend your time with, you control the thoughts in your head (or you have the control to take note when your brain is being dramatic).


Start thinking about what you want to achieve in 2021. It’s not a lost cause. Heck, 2020, isn’t a lost cause. I don’t want you to wish it away. These are days, weeks, months of our lives that we need to keep living in the best manner that we can.


We’re going to spend the month of November getting ready to take on exciting new projects in 2021. We’re going to work together to set goals in December so that when the new year comes, whether or not it looks different, it feels different. October’s focus has been our mindset and shifting our thoughts to be more conducive to building a business and the life that you want.


What do you want to do in 2021? Where do you want to take your business and your life? Start thinking about it now so that you know where you’re trying to go. You’ve got this.