Turning Likes into Leads

You share a post on Facebook and earn a couple of new likes. You have a great photo on Instagram and gather ten more likes. Woo hoo. Momentum. Things feel good. You’re sharing content, and people like it. They’re starting to figure out who you are, and that’s step #1 of building your Know, Like, and Trust. Yay.

But what do those likes do for your business? How do you turn them into leads and, more importantly, customers? Honestly, it takes work. You have to be strategic and consistent.

What Strategy Means

The content you create, the images you share, the conversations you have on social media all need to show your audience that you are someone they can trust for information in your niche. If your product or service helps parents with children under age 5, then your content should address the needs of parents with children under age 5. You should be providing helpful information that’s relevant to them.

You need to know who your customer is and what their biggest needs are to do this. If you’re not sure who you’re trying to help, take a step back, and start with identifying your ideal customer. Get to know them well and then begin creating content that serves them.

If you already have a product or service, you offer then your product or service should be a solution to their problems. Your content and social media should highlight how you can help them. Everything should tie together.

If you’re talking about raising children under 5 one day and business finances the next and then how to lose 10 pounds the week after that, your audience will be confused. When you don’t know what you want to focus on or who you want to serve, you can’t help your audience, and when you’re not helpful, they lose interest fast. People need to know what to expect from you for you to become a resource for them. And before someone is going to buy from you, they have to feel that you’re a trustworthy resource.

Why Being Consistent Matters

Once you’ve established who your Ideal Customer is and what you’re going to do to serve them, you need to begin creating content consistently. The best way to build your know, like, and trust factors is to produce useful content regularly. If they can trust you to answer their questions or entertain them each week, you’ll stay relevant and top-of-mind for them. If you email now and then not again for months or you blog every once in a while or when you “feel inspired” you tend to struggle to build your audience because there are fewer opportunities for people to find you.


How you use the two to turn likes into leads

By providing helpful, relevant information to an audience, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy expert on the subject. The more frequently people come back to your website, blog, or social media channel, the more they begin to view you as an expert. Creating content based on an ideal customer strategy helps create content that should attract likes from people who could be your ideal customer. Consistently creating new content helps them realize that you are the type of business person they want to work with. And when your content talks about their problems, and you offer a solution as a product or service, it’s easier to turn them into a new customer.

Have questions about how this process works? Let me know!