5 Tips to Fight Writer's Block


Writer’s block is inevitable. When you’re focused on creating content on a schedule, it’s tough to maintain creativity always. We’ve all faced it – the blank computer screen, the fingers that don’t want to move, and the ideas that are all just.... gone. Writer’s block can be frustrating, especially when you’re on a deadline and need to get something done.

It’s important to allow yourself the breathing room that’s necessary for creativity. When I’m facing a challenging round of writer’s block, I shut the computer off and walk away. I’ve found that allowing myself a chance to reboot even for a few hours, will normally solve the issue for me.

Step away from the computer

Just shut it off and leave your office. It’s OK to take a break, even if you’re not done with what you need to write. The reality is, if you try to force creativity when you’re feeling tapped out, your writing will likely suffer.

Go outside and breathe fresh air

Sometimes just moving to a new location will help. If the weather is nice out, go outside and either work from a patio table or relax for a little while and don’t think about writing. It’s up to you. I’ve had either method work. Somedays, all I need to do is move to my backyard and I suddenly find myself ready to write again. Other days, I need to log off and go for a walk and get away from the office completely.

Work in a different location

Sitting at the same desk, inside the same office, day in and day out can be boring. Moving to a new spot can help. Does your office area have a couch in the waiting room or do you have a den or game room? Moving to one of those spots could help. If you work from home, maybe just moving from your office to the dining room table could help. Sometimes a simple change of scenery can help. If you have a coffee shop nearby, you might even want to load up your laptop and go work from there for a bit.

Take a break

If I’m battling a particularly tough case of writer’s block, I will stop completely for a few hours and do something unrelated. Have errands you need to run? Go ahead and get them out of the way. Run to the grocery store, stop by Target, prep dinner. Do something that’s completely unrelated to writing and helps get something else off your to-do list. Somedays, I’ll go walk the mall for an hour. I find when I do things like this, I tend to have ideas pop into my head while I’m out. I make sure I keep my phone by my side to take notes.

Eat something

When was the last time you ate? Could it be that you’re hungry or thirsty? Sometimes taking 20-30 minutes to relax and eat lunch is all that’s necessary to rejuvenate. Maybe sneak in a special treat occasionally. I don’t recommend doing this daily but periodically it’s nice. There’s a gourmet grocery store not too far from my house and they have the best bakery section. Occasionally, I’ll head over there, get a decadent treat and a drink and sit outside on their patio and relax. After 30 minutes, I feel relaxed and ready to tackle my project again.

Writing requires creativity and it’s hard to force creativity into an 8-5 M-F type schedule. Somedays you need to take a break, do something else for a while, and come back to your task later. When you’re turning out lots of content each week, it can be a challenge. What have you found helps you combat writer’s block? If you need help keeping up with your content production due to writer’s block or any reason, contact the team at Etched for help.