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What is social media marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media

The simplest definition of social media marketing is that you’re marketing your business on a social media channel. That doesn’t really answer the question what is social media marketing very well though, does it? Read more.

How to nail first facebook live etched marketing

How to Nail Your First Facebook Live

Social Media

You’ve probably heard by now that Facebook Live is vital to your marketing plan. We all have, right? So, you’ve decided you’re going to do it, ...

5 ways to promote facebook live etched marketing

5 Free Ways to Promote Your Facebook Live

Social Media

If you read last week's post, you learned all about how ...

How do you do allthethings etched marketing

How Do I Do #allthethings?

Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media

As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or startup founder or employee, you probably feel like you have to do everything. And how the heck are you supposed to ...

Is this the end of facebook for small business blog

Is this the end of Facebook for Small Businesses?

Social Media

Calm down. Step away from the hype. Block the "gurus" and spend a few minutes understanding the changes and what they mean for your business. This update isn't ...

How many pictures blog post etched marketing

How Many Pictures Should Your Blog Post Include?

Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media

When writing blog posts, it’s vital to remember to use visuals to help tell the story. Blog posts without images or videos will get less interaction than ...

How to identify your target audience etched marketing

How to Identify Your Target Audience

Content Marketing, Social Media

Can you describe your target audience in a sentence or two? Who does your business serve? This is one of the fundamental questions in any marketing plan. If you ...

How to create a video studio etched marketing

How to Create a Home or Office Video Studio

Content Marketing, Social Media

Are you thinking about adding video content to your marketing plan? Are you a bit overwhelmed at the thought of trying to determine what you need to make it ...