Introducing Etched's Marketing Academy

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I’m very excited to introduce to you, Etched’s Marketing Academy. This Marketing Academy is something I’m passionate about because I want to help you succeed and grow your business. Much of the marketing information for entrepreneurs and small business owners doesn't align with the best practices that we use in marketing larger companies. While the size of the business may differ, the goals and issues faced are similar. You should have access to the same type information. And up until now, you haven’t.

Marketing Training for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Etched’s Marketing Academy is designed to share with you, the small business owner or entrepreneur, what the big guys get when they pay big dollars to learn from me and the teams I’ve worked on. I want to see you succeed and to do that; you need to have a basic understanding of marketing. Marketing is not something to skimp on or an area to DIY. Marketing is the core element that will determine if your business thrives or barely survives (or worse yet, dies).

Knowing Who to Turn to For Marketing Advice

Most small business owners I’ve talked to had a great idea or a passion for business but didn’t have formal business training or marketing education. They’ve struggled to figure it all out. And it’s hard to know who to trust. One of the most common responses I get when talking to small business owners is they feel like they can’t afford right marketing advice.

When you don't have a background in marketing, you don’t know what questions to ask to find someone who will give the correct information. Note, accurate information is not always going to be what you want to hear. It will, however, be the information you need to succeed.

Whether you’re opening a brick and mortar storefront in your town, you offer a professional service, or you’re opting for an online-only business model, doesn’t matter. You need the same necessary marketing foundation to succeed. Some of the strategies and tactics will vary by business case, but the core elements are the same.

Why Trust Etched's Marketing Academy for Your Marketing Training

I’ve been in marketing 17 years and have focused on digital for the past 13 years. My BA is in broadcast journalism, and I hold an MBA in Marketing. I’ve spent my career working with special events, non-profit, education, franchise, children’s brands, and advertising companies. It bothers me when I speak with friends and family who run small businesses, and I see what information they’re getting from so-called, “marketing experts.” I’ve spent the past year digging in to understand better what’s available in the current marketplace and honestly, there’s a void. There’s a lack of proper, data-driven, example-based marketing information for small business owners and that’s what I am aiming to change with the launch of Etched’s Marketing Academy.

Over the past decade, I’ve taught Marketing to thousands of people. From small business owners to marketing managers in large corporations, I've explained it all. And now, I want to teach you. I know that many of you are bootstrapping this project, you’ve poured your heart and soul into it, maybe you’ve even sold a car, refinanced your house, or whatever other brave steps you took on this journey to make your dream a reality. You’re scared of making a wrong move, but you must spread the word about your business to succeed. And without the right marketing guidance, it’s not going to happen. Hoping for success doesn't work either.

Learn How to Market Your Business the Right Way

Etched’s Marketing Academy will walk you through how to create business goals, ways to prioritize your efforts when you have 100 items on your to-do list; you'll learn which marketing tools you need, where to look for reliable resources, and more. Soon, I'll be introducing Marketing and Digital Marketing training courses. And, if you’re local, I’ll be teaching my Introduction to Marketing (for free!) and Marketing 101 Workshops in the Phoenix area starting this fall (full details will be shared soon so sign up for our Marketing Academy emails).

What Etched's Marketing Academy Means for You

If you’re new to Etched Marketing, thanks for reading this far and learning more about our new programs. If you’ve been following for a while, you know we focus on Digital and Content Marketing. That’s not going away. The Marketing Academy is another way to help business owners. Who knows, you might be intrigued by a future offering and want to join a class or mastermind group (I hope you do!). We’ll continue to provide the exceptional content and strategy services that you’ve come to expect from the team.

In addition to the current content & digital marketing focus on The Etched Blog, we’re adding Marketing Academy content starting now. Each week, we’ll have a Marketing Academy post that addresses the needs of you – the startup, entrepreneur, or small business owner. Some of these posts will be helpful to the regular readers of The Etched Blog too, so I highly encourage you to read and let me know what you think. Are there things you wish you’d known in the early days, that you want to share with the new readers? I’d love to hear from you too! Are you a new business owner who has questions? Ask them on our Facebook page or send me an email so we can help you learn.

What You'll Learn in Etched's Marketing Academy

In our Marketing Academy posts, we’ll go through basics - how to create a marketing plan, where to find your audience, how to target the right audience, what your budget should be, how to market when you don’t have a budget yet, when to post on social media, social media etiquette, the basics of branding, and more. In the coming months, you’ll see new marketing training workshops, on-demand video, and live video courses.

I am so excited to bring Etched’s Marketing Academy to you. If you know other small business owners or entrepreneurs who you believe would benefit from this information, please share it with them.

Sound Great? We'll Let You Know as Programs are Introduced. Here's How to Stay Informed.

In the meantime, sign up for our Marketing Academy emails on the Marketing Academy page,  keep reading the blog, like Etched Marketing's Facebook page and follow Etched's Marketing Academy on YouTube for marketing training. I'll be sharing lots of marketing tips and training over the coming months. If you know someone else who is an entrepreneur or small business owner who would like to learn more about marketing their business the right way, please share our information with them. Lots of our content will be available for free. I hope you'll join us on your favorite social channel or right here on the blog.

Why Trust Rachel to Teach You Marketing?

And finally, if you’re not sure who I am or why you should take my advice, it’s OK. As I mentioned earlier, I’m Rachel, and I’ve been in Marketing for nearly 20 years. I’ve specialized in Digital Marketing since 2004. My education includes both a BA and an MBA in Marketing. Aside from that, I’ve taught Marketing to franchise owners, my staff, interns, the employees within my clients’ organizations, potential franchisees, peers within my industry, and more. I write for Marketing Land regularly, I previously wrote for Search Engine Land on a regular basis, and my posts have been featured on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog, RankWatch, Clutch, and MartechExec. I’ve personally worked with clients including UPS, The North Face, Burt’s Bees, Kirkland’s Home, Steve Madden, AIG, Pump It Up, ServiceMaster Clean & Restore, and more over the course of my career. Let me help you succeed.