It's time to think bigger

How big are your dreams?

How big are your goals?

Are you creating goals that scare you? Are you working towards dreams that make you think, what if that happened? If not, you’ve got to trust that you can do this and think bigger.

  • What goals did you set for your business this year?
  •  Are you looking to quit your corporate career?
  •           Do you want to grow your business to 6 figures?
  •           Do you want to replace your corporate income entirely?
  •            Are you looking to make seven figures?

Do you have goals for your personal life? Are you working to lose 10 pounds? Do you want to learn how to sew? Are you hoping to reduce your work hours to part-time but maintain your income?

You can achieve any goal you set for yourself if you work on it consistently. Achievement comes from consistency, more so than drive, ambition, perfection, or even motivation. When the motivation or drive wears off, consistency will keep you moving forward.

You can achieve more than you think you can. Start with the goals that you’ve already set for the year. You didn’t set any yet? Ok, it would help if you got to work because we need to establish what we’re working towards. This post will help you set goals for the business; you can use it to set personal goals too if you want.

Now, take the goals that feel comfortable and create a stretch goal. If you made $50,000 last year with your business and your goal is a 20% increase in revenue, then your safe goal is $60,000, but now you need a stretch goal. What feels a little bit out of reach to you? $75,000 or maybe $100,000? That’s your stretch goal. Please write it down because when you hit your first goal, you want to have somewhere to go!

You can do this. Believe in yourself. Push yourself to think bigger and keep going. Consistency is honestly the biggest key to success. You won’t be perfect every day. You won’t get every prospect to buy from you or hire you, but if you put yourself out there every day, great things will happen. Success comes to those who keep moving forward even on the hard days.