Tips for Working Remote with Kids


As our world has changed so fast over the past few weeks, we've had to adjust and many of us are juggling so much that we feel like we have multiple full-time jobs right now. If you're working remotely with the kids around like I am, here are some quick tips to make it work better for all of you.

13 Tips for working remotely with kids

  • Split the childcare responsibilities with your partner if you both work. Find a way for both of you to have the time you need.
  • Break your day up into 1-3 hour blocks
  • Spend a few minutes planning your day the night before so you know exactly what you need to focus on in the morning.
  • If you have a meeting or need quiet time to work on a project, schedule an engaging activity for the kids during that same block.
  • Don't feel guilty about using TV to get work done. An afternoon movie can be a great option to allow yourself quiet work time.
  • Post a schedule so everyone knows what to expect.
  • If your kids are young, work more when they're asleep - get up early, naptime, work when they go to bed.
  • Start your day with an activity or connection time. Once your kids feel connected to you, they're more likely to be OK being on their own a bit more.
  • Keep the meal schedule and sleep times as close to normal as possible for young kids.
  • Be OK with getting less done than normal. You're not used to working with the kids at home, it's a tough balance.
  • Create an evening shut down ritual so you can feel as if you're leaving work behind and transitioning to home.
  • If you've moved to work in the main part of the house to be closer to the kids, move your computer back to the office so you don't see it every time you walk into the room.
  • Let the kids know when you're on a call or working and they can't come in unless there's an emergency. Create a sign for your workspace or door to help remind them.

It looks like we might be doing this for a while so I thought I'd share some tips that have helped streamline things at our house. Let me know if you've found something that's working great for you!