How to Increase Brand Awareness With Content Marketing

 We all want to drive more traffic to our websites and hopefully, convert those visitors into customers. One of the best ways to build more traffic is by increasing brand awareness. You don’t have to spend a small fortune on paid search or high-cost media buys. You can do it with content marketing. So, now I’ll bet you’re wondering, how can I use content marketing to drive brand awareness for my business?

Content Marketing Tactics that Increase Brand Awareness 

Do you have a corporate blog? If so, do you blog regularly? Having a blog itself won’t drive brand awareness. However, an active, well thought out, appropriately targeted blog can and will.

There are many benefits to blogs, but one of the biggest is the potential to build brand awareness. When you craft great blog posts, full of engaging content, exciting visuals, and useful information, your followers will read the post and if they find it interesting, they’ll share with their followers.

What’s the potential impact? 10X

  • 100 people read Blog Post A.
  • 10 people think Blog Post A is so engaging or helpful that they share it with their friends on Facebook. The average Facebook user has 338 friends.
  • 3,380 people may be reached thanks to the 100 original readers and ten shares.
  • If 10% of those people share your blog post (338), your content now has the potential to be viewed by over 100,000 people. 114,244 to be exact.

And that’s just one post and one social network. Now, if you’re wondering if people want to share information on Facebook, they do. In fact, 46% of users cite the ability to share with lots of people at once as one of the main reasons they use Facebook.

Why Video Content Matters

Video content is quickly overtaking all other forms of content on the web. Video content is expected to represent 74% of all internet traffic by the end of this year.   Videos don’t have to be fancy or high-quality production numbers to work. In fact, Facebook users spend 3X as much time watching live videos than traditional ones

Video Tips and Stats


Beautiful visuals can attract a reader’s attention. On sites like Pinterest, the visual tied to a pin is often what determines whether it's re-pinned or not. You have a potential impact like that of Facebook with Pinterest because pins can be re-pinned, liked, and shared. However, for you to build brand awareness, you’ll need to ensure your brand name or logo is on the image that you upload to Pinterest.

Make sure your images are unique to your business or blog and ensure they help tell the story. Stock photography doesn’t help you on your blog, website, or in social media. And if your visual element is just seen as bloat, it won’t draw attention

If you are aiming to build brand awareness through visual content be sure to give customers what they want, provide helpful information and images that evoke emotion.

Building Brand Awareness

As you can see, there’s a lot of potential to build your brand through content marketing. However, the only way it will happen is if you have an active content marketing program. Therefore, it’s so important to understand who your audience is, answer their questions, provide the information they need in the format they want, and do it consistently. When you do these things on a regular basis, you will build your audience and brand awareness. The potential is almost limitless. It won’t happen overnight, but if you focus on your content marketing program, in time, you’ll see an increase in brand awareness.

How do you know if it’s working?

To determine if your content marketing campaign is genuinely driving brand awareness you can track several metrics.

Direct traffic to your website – if a customer knows your name, they don’t have to find you via a search engine. They’ll come right to the site.

Social engagement and interactions – beyond just watching your fans and followers grow, watch for additional engagement, shares, likes, and comments on your social posts. And, be sure to participate in the conversation.

Brand traffic estimate from Google’s Keyword Planner – did you know that you can figure out how many people are searching for your brand name each month by checking in the Keyword Planner? You can! We don’t have our actual website branded traffic information anymore because of term not provided, but this gives us some insights. We believe the data is more accurate than what's contained in Google’s Search Console.

If you’re ready to drive your brand awareness through content marketing but aren’t sure how to start, contact us. The team would be happy to review your content plan, strategy, and current resources to create a customized plan for your business. You can drive your business through content. Let us show you how.